SDCC 2014 Wish List: What We Hope to See

Let’s get this out of the way first: for the most part, these are wish lists from our Cinelinx staff members.  While we have some knowledge of what will likely be shown at the event, no one exactly knows for sure what will go down.  So treat these as such and don’t think we’re dishing out news scoops…just our own hopes. 



SDCC is one of my favorite events (yes, probably even more so than E3), since my primary background is in movies and writing and Comic-Con is about movies and the written word.  Not to mention past events have dropped some seriously awesome bombs in terms of news.  

This year, I’m hoping to get something in regards to the upcoming slate of Star Wars films.  It’s time.  One film is currently filming, a second one is announced, plus we have directors confirmed for two more…it’s about time Disney/Lucasfilm gave fans some indication of what’s going on.  Details on what the focus of the first spin-off that Gareth Edwards is making would be nice.  Ideally I’m crossing my fingers that the rumor of Episode VII’s title turns out to be true.  Personally, I think it is. 

You’d be foolish to think Disney isn’t bringing something Star Wars film related to the show (I don’t care what their press release says).  The best surprise would be a teaser poster that comes with the film’s official title, and then the subject of the spin-off.  Those two little bits alone would send the internet into a flurry…but I’ve heard more than that (though I can’t say anything yet).  

In other areas, I’m pulling for DC to blow us away with their plans for live action movies.  We’ve seen what they’re supposedly set to announce, and I’m still willing to believe that’s going to happen.  A Justice League release date would be good, but what many fans want to see are pics of the heroes.  It’s about time we saw Wonder Woman’s outfit (since we’ve seen both Batman and Superman).  Personally I’m hoping for a great shot of all three heroes suited up, in color, and looking awesome.  It would blow a lot of minds and give fans the geekgasm they’ve been waiting for.  

That’s about the only way DC/WB is going to compete with Marvel bringing in The Avengers: Age of Ultron footage (and anything else they have planned).  If DC doesn’t come out with something big along those lines, they’re going to get dwarfed by Marvel, and that’s NOT something they want.  They already feel like they’re playing catch-up with the rival studio and they’ll want to try and feel like they scored a victory in some form.  

Other neat surprises I’d enjoy seeing (but not sure will happen), would be some concrete info on Sony’s next Spider-Man film, be it Amazing Spider-Man 3 or Sinister Six.  FOX has been keeping awfully quiet on their currently filming Fantastic Four reboot, so SDCC would be a great time to finally talk turkey with fans and show off something.  I’ve heard rumblings that the cast could appear, but that’s pretty much just speculation at this point.  

Then some teases of this stuff would be nice too: 

Jurassic World (come on poster!)
Terminator Reboot
Highlander (a man can dream)
World of Warcraft (filming is done so they should have something ready, right?)

More than anything this year at SDCC…I want answers.  Rumors have been running wild, which is understandable considering the amount of high profile properties and franchise sequels are coming out.  It’d be nice to finally be able to set aside some of those rumors and move on.

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Media Announcements – SDCC has become the major platform for productions companies large and small to announce or promote their latest project. I am hoping for some major announcements from Marvel on both their big and small screen ventures including their upcoming Netflix series, as well as Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter. On the DC Side, I’m looking forward to seeing more on their upcoming TV series stable (Flash, Constantine, Gotham) as well. In addition, any and all Star Wars news at the con will be a welcome sight.

Comics – Even though the big companies have taken over this once small convention, comic books still have a major place at this con. I expect some announcements from DC concerning the future of New 52 and Marvel on their upcoming 75th anniversary, which I have a feeling will be huge for fans both old and new.



MOVIES: I’ll be straight up and go for the obvious one, Batman v. Superman. WB can deny it all they want, this will be there. The thing is I don’t want a little tease like they did with Man of Steel by having a clip of him simply flying. I actually want to see something. Show us the costumes, announce a new actor/character, tell us who the villain is. Something awesome PLEASE! I’ve been waiting ever since I was a kid to see this come to life! Also couldn’t help but notice we don’t have a stand alone Wonder Woman movie yet. WB, would you mind fixing that? 

Next on my list is JJ Abrams will probably be there in some regard, but if you are hoping for Star Wars news….. well….. No Star Wars for you! You have to wait for D23 (Sorry Jordan!) Then again there may be a poster or two, that’s it though.

COMICS: We also can’t forget this is COMIC con, and both Marvel and DC have stuff cooking. I will play it safe and make guesses for Marvel. Slott has been moving around a lot, I think Marvel is looking for him to spark interest in a different series than Spider-Man. Don’t get me wrong, Slott has created some of the best Spider-Man stories since he has been on board, but it may be time to step back for a bit and let new ideas start cooking while someone else gets a shot for a short while. I also hope that they bring back Scarlet Spider to his own series again. With Spider-Man going nuts, yet well accepted as 2099 even got positive reviews, they might just do that. Plus remember they have that whole Spider mini-series coming in the Fall where ALL the clones meetup. Also cooking in Marvels oven is Wolverines Death. I’m sure this will have a universe wide impact, I’m interested to see what they announce or do with that at Comic Con. 

VIDEO GAMES: In the video game world, I don’t expect too much. I’m sure Sony will make an appearance to show off their fancy new VR headsets, but so far nobody really has been hyping up Comic Con like they normally do if something were to be announced. Sony, if you ask me, will maybe (just maybe) talk about their Ratchet and Clank movie. If I were them I for sure would, but it’s a video game movie so who knows. 

I think the only real chance of big “video game” news at SDCC will come from WB. They said they will keep introducing characters at events for Mortal Kombat, so I assume SDCC is one of those events. They also have a certain big title, it goes by the name of….. BATMAN! 

Also interesting prediction for games is rather or not we will see Warcraft in movie form at all. It’s been in post production for a while, surely they have some sort of new tease. Then again it doesn’t come out until 2016…. Overall if there is some major game announcement at SDCC it will be entirely out of the blue this year. We may get details on games we already know about, but nothing new. I mean you have PAX and QuakeCon among other events right around the corner. 



Born and raised in San Diego, SDCC has always been one of my favorite annual events to hit southern California.  From the novice nerd to the savviest of geeks, over it’s many years, SDCC has become, in my opinion, the Mecca for any game, film, or comic fan.  Highlights I’m looking forward to this year include:

Games:  Anything out of Blizzard/Activision (WoW, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Diablo, Starcraft), WB (anything in the awesome vein of the Arkham series), Microsoft Studios (Halo 5), Telltale Games (anything, they are all awesome), or Bungie (Destiny).

Film: Anything regarding Legendary’s current body of work (including the Warcraft film), Jurassic Park 4, and of course whatever is cooking on the home fronts of Marvel’s cinematic universe (Avengers 3, Captain America 3, Hulk 2, etc) and of course…sigh… Batman Vs. Superman (which honestly needs something really positive as this project seems to be teetering on the razor’s edge of epic failure).  News on The Terminator, Avatar, and of course Star Wars / Star Trek would be icing on the cake.

Comics: Honestly, while comics have someone dimmed for me as I get older, I still have a place in my heart for what I grew up with.  The new Spider-man clone saga, continuation of The Walking Dead, and let’s hope Todd McFarlane and the boys at Image have something big on the horizon.  Like fixing Spawn.  Now.

While I won’t be in attendance this year (Boo) I will be watching closely to see what news hits.  Of course some will be good, some bad, but hey, it’s all geek to me.



Sure, I’m excited for any news about the new Star Wars, Star Trek and Godzilla movies, but it’s really all about my comic book geekery this year. The DC Comics television panel, which will feature Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and Constantine, is sounding amazing.

Also, the fact that Stephen Amell, Arrow himself, is hosting the panel is just awesome. I really hope we get to see more about the newly announced addition of Robbie Amell to the cast of. I can’t wait to see Brandon Routh hanging out with his new Arrow casties, and I really want to see if he will be sporting blue and red as The Atom.

Speaking of costumes, I’m pretty sure we will get our first pic of the DC holy trinity; the first group picture of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, from the upcoming Batman v. Superman movie has reportedly been taken. I can’t see why they wouldn’t show it at Comic Con?

Over on the Marvel side, I just want to see some set-in-stone casting for Doctor Strange. I also want more info on the Phase Three movies. I’m sure we will get some good info on Avengers 2, but I’m really curious about Thor and Captain America 3.

Man, am I excited!

You’ve seen our hopes and wishes for this years Comic-Con and now it’s time to share your own.  What do you think will be at SDCC 2014 and what are you looking forward to most? 

-The Cinelinx Team