Splitting Batman v Superman Would Have Been Great Idea

This actually reinforced some of my optimism after reading a supposed leak of the teaser trailer description back in December.  Despite my reservations about Batfleck and the storyline, I liked the idea of the inciting incident centering around Batman feeling he needed to personally find out about Superman’s intentions on Earth.  It doesn’t make the ridiculous amount of damage caused in Man of Steel suddenly become a whole lot more meaningful, but I liked it being the root of Batman’s motivation.

Then I suddenly realized…why the hell am I getting excited about a teaser for a movie I won’t even get to see until 2016?  Then my enthusiasm sank pretty fast.

When the two-part movie rumor hit the net, my excitement went up again.  Maybe we wouldn’t have to wait until 2016!  We need more geek movies this year and I never understood what was going to take so long to get this film out in the first place.  I liked the idea of fitting it in THIS year.

However, that’s not the only reason why I like the idea (after all, that’s just the selfish reason).


I’ve been concerned about the DC & Warner Bros. approach to their cinematic universe.  It’s as if they think they need to slam together as much as possible just so they can catch up with all that Marvel is doing.  Marvel has used stand-alone films, TV shows and crossovers over the last seven years to create their cinematic universe.  But watch out!  Here comes DC!  They can cram it all together in half the time!

We’ve barely gotten to know this Superman, and yet it seems Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and maybe even more characters are going to get shoved into the story so we can get to a Justice League film asap!

If the movie was split into two parts, it might give the extra heroes a chance to have meaningful roles in the movie.  Granted, I’ve not seen a script and have the same amount of story details as most people, but I worry about shoving these characters into the movie that is no longer about Superman.  It feels like the haste to “catch Marvel” could make for lesser stories and characters.

Henry Cavill has since shot down the movie-split rumors and Badass Digest adds that while the idea definitely seems consistent with today’s movie culture, they say there is not a clear place to split Batman v Superman.

So, my enthusiasm is down again – for now.  I am still enough of a geek movie, Batman and Superman fan to hold out hope for something new to get excited about (and lessen my worries about the DC Cinematic Universe).  However, if it’s still true that the the sequel to Man of Steel, the lead-in to The Justice League, the movie that will break the record for the most hero appearances in a film…WHATEVER it’s going to be, doesn’t come out until 2016…

I’ll wait and try to get excited later.  I have movies to look forward to in 2015 first.

-Scott Murray