Star Wars Celebration 2017 Coverage HUB

As we have with all the major events this year, Cinelinx will be covering things live and keeping you up-to-date with all the latest news.  With new trailers (hopefully released online), big announcements, and plenty of surprises it’s going to be a blast. We’ll be posting any relevant videos/trailers onto our channel right as they become available, so if you’re not subscribed to us, be sure you do so now.  

We’ll be updating the site with any and all news you care about, along with posting live-stream articles for the biggest panels directly on the site (which we will update here as they become live).  If you want to stay current throughout the event you can head to THIS LINK in order to see all the news in one feed.

We’ll be continuing to bring the latest news and our thoughts on everything via our live-tweet widget featuring various members of the Cinelinx team.  So be sure to follow along and share your thoughts with our writers.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando is sure to be a blast this year with a deluge of information.  Make sure you stay on top of it all by keeping this HUB bookmarked and ready at your fingertips! 

-Cinelinx Team