Stephenie Meyer and Cast of The Host Visit Dallas Fans

Author Meyer and actors Max Irons, Jake Abel, and Chandler Canterbury invaded the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Dallas TX to greet hundreds of fans who stood in line for hours to get the opportunity. The crowd was made up of mostly mothers and their daughters, but there were a few men awaiting their turn as well. The first two girls in line had traveled hundreds of miles to get to the event and camped out at the book store for days to guarantee their spot.

This marked a rare appearance for Meyer, who doesn’t get out much for book signings and appearances. She made the most of it by signing up to two copies of her books, with The Host being required and then another of the person’s choice. Meyer took the time to quickly greet each person with a smile and then pose with them for a photo.

Actors Irons, Abel, and Canterbury all sat together at a table and greeted fans warmly while signing posters for the new movie. They also took the time to pose for a picture with each person in line. Each of them spoke with anyone they were approached by with a grateful smile.

I had the opportunity to participate in a small press conference with the actors prior to the event at Barnes and Noble. Irons and Abel were very talkative and shared about the experience of filming “The Host” and working with director Andrew Niccol and actor Saoirse Ronan. It was obvious this press tour was the first for the young and less talkative Canterbury. He answered questions very quickly with few words. Abel gave the audience a laugh when commenting that Canterbury was the smartest of the bunch because his answers didn’t ramble on incohesively.

Attendees of the signing event at Barnes and Noble were all smiles after greeting Meyer and the actors. Each held books and a poster signed by one of their favorite authors and the individuals bringing the characters to life on the big screen. It was a satisfying accomplishment seeing that only 900 tickets were given out.

The Host tells the story of Melanie, who risks everything to protect her loved ones in the wake of an alien invasion. The faceless enemy inhabits the person’s body and erases their memories. Can Melanie overcome the dangers of living in this frightening new world and keep the people she cares about out of harm’s way?

You can see pictures of the signing event right here.

Video of the entire press conference is posted here.

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