The 21 best actors to portray Marvel characters

In terms of casting, Marvel has set the bar for bringing its heroes and villains to cinematic life.  With spot-on, dead ringer casting in the past (Wesley Snipes as Blade, Patrick Stewart as Prof. Xavier, Toby Maguire as Spiderman, and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man among many others) it has been proven that comic book characters can come to magnificent life allowing us nerds to geek-out without shame.

Today, we’re going to honor those dreams and cast those unsung heroes and villains who’ve not yet seen the light of the silver screen.  And just maybe we’ll see these superb talents grace the big screen in the near future.


The following heroes have appeared within the pages of Marvel Comics for more than the past 40 years.  They represent some of the most popular characters in both the Golden and Silver Age.  Now is the time to bring them to the Silver Screen!

Adam Warlock                       Guy Pearce

With those chiseled features and dour countenance, Guy Pearce is a perfect match for the universal traveling Adam Warlock.

Ant-Man/Yellowjacket David Duchovny

Soft features and soft spoken, David Duchovny personifies the quiet-nature, but heroic machismo of Henry Pym.

Black Panther                       Djimon Hounsou

Could anyone portray T’challa better than Djimon Hounsou?  I think not.

Black Cat                                Claire Danes

The sultry and unbelievable talented Claire Danes would be a purrrrfect match for heiress heroine Felicia Hardy.

Cable                           Sven-Ole Thorsen

With those grizzled features, cropped hair, and naturally powerful build, Sven-Ole is Cable.  ‘Nuff said!

Cloak & Dagger                    Omar Epps Kristen Bell

The street-wise couple Cloak & Dagger are personified in the classic good looks and natural charismas of Omar Epps and Kristen Bell.

Dr. Strange                             Gary Oldman

The master of illusion played by the master of the cinema, character actor Gary Oldman would catch the schtick and panache of Dr. Strange.

Scarlet Witch                           Megan Fox
Though I’m usually adverse to giving Megan Fox any work, with those exotic features, dark tresses, and curvaceous bod, Wanda has found her place on the screen.

She Hulk                             Zooey Deschanel

She Hulk has been portrayed as being as smart and sexy as she is strong.  Zooey Deschanel embodies that with potent accuracy.

Quicksilver                           Edward Speleers

Few saw Edward Speleers in anything but Eragon, but since his maturing, few are as suited to play the other Magneto child, Quicksilver.


Who can resist the perfect Villain.  Cruel, methodical, powerful, usually insane, but terrifyingly respected in their capacity, here are the best villains and their equally respected counterparts.

Apocalypse                                William Goldberg

With a history of villainy and a build that could crush moons, Bill Goldberg brings just enough muscle and mug to portray the all-powerful Apocalypse.

Annihilus Crispin Glover

With a little makeup and prosthesis, only Crispin Glover could bring enough creepily manic energy to portray the deadliest foe in the Negative Zone.

Carnage/Cletus Kasady Zach Ward

With the fire engine red hair, cut jaw, and buff build, Zach Ward is no stranger to playing crazies.  Cletus Kasady a.k.a. Carnage would suit him well.

Chameleon                                   Ian Somerhalder

With those eerily blue eyes and atypical features, Ian Somerhalder embodies the man who can become anybody.

Kraven the Hunter                               Josh Brolin

Who can say that tough-guy Josh Brolin wasn’t born to play one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes, Kraven the Hunter.

The Jackal                                   Martin Short

Only Martin Short could bring the age, nerdy intelligence, and maniacal bravado to the role of deranged geneticist Miles Warren a.k.a. The Jackal.

Mandarin                                Ken Watanabe

Few can embody the spirit of the East like Ken Watanabe, a poise and energy demanded by he who plays The Mandarin.

Taskmaster                            Wentworth Miller

Even with the mask, Wentworth Miller has proven himself as action-capable and with that gloom-and-doom countenance, who better than he to play Taskmaster.

Thanos Viggo Mortenson

With arrogance, flair, and unparalleled power, if you saw Viggo Mortenson in The Prophecy, then you know few others can bring their A game to the role of The Mad Titan.

Ultron Willem Dafoe

This one might be a stretch and Dafoe was already the Green Goblin, but with that insane laugh and otherwordly energy, he’s prime fit for the evil android Ultron.

Perhaps one day we’d see these fine actors in the roles we dream they’d play.  No one could encompass their counterparts as well as these mentioned.  With the talent, attitude, dedication, and flamboyance required, let’s hope our dreams come true.

Jarod Warren