The Dark Knight Marathon Gets Texas Fans Ready for New Batman Movie


Studio Movie Grills all over the Dallas and Houston, TX areas are hosting “The Dark Knight Marathon” on Thursday, July 19 beginning with Batman Begins at 6:00PM and followed by The Dark Knight directly thereafter. It all climaxes with the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

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What better way for you to celebrate the release of the final chapter in The Dark Knight trilogy than to make an evening of it at your local Studio Movie Grill. You can bring a date or the whole family. They have plenty of great items on their menu for dinner or to snack on including pizza, nachos, hamburgers, buffalo tenders, and vegetarian foods like black bean burgers and salads. There’s even a full drink menu featuring cocktails, wine, beer, and sodas.

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Tickets for “The Dark Knight Marathon” are $25 per person. You can reserve seats for an additional fee so you know exactly where you’ll be sitting for the event. Tickets are still available now but these sorts of events end up selling out so get them while you can. Go to the official Studio Movie Grill website to reserve your tickets now!