The Life of Spock

To this date Leonard has been on more Star Trek movies than any other actors from The Original Series, starring in 8 films to date.  This speaks volumes of him as an actor and a beloved character by both directors and Trekkies alike.


Film and TV

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In 1951 Nimoy started his acting career at the young age of 20 where he played a football jock named Chief on the film Queen for a Day which was based on the New York based radio program, Queen for Today.


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Within the same year he played a baseball player in the film Rhubard, a film about feral cat that inherits a fortune and a professional league baseball team. Nimoy was never credited for the role.


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Flash forward to 1966 where Leonard became the most logical but ever so loveable Mr Spock on Star Trek The Original Series which filmed for 3 years. Gene Roddenberry was such a visionary director that the TV show, however, short, sparked a cult following a enormous magnitude.  His work was so far ahead of its time politically that even the producers did not realize he was satirizing the current state of affairs in modern society, from race to politics and so much more.


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People of my generation will also know him as the voice of Galvatron from Transformers: The Movie, the animated film based off Transformers G1 series. Galvatron was the reincarnation of the unstoppable Megatron after he was defeated by Optimus Prime.


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He also starred in the noteworthy TV show Fringe where he played a reoccurring role as William Bell a fringe scientist partial responsible for strange occurrences around the world. It may interest you to know he also had ties to The Hobbit.  The Hobbit you say? Yes, he actually starred in a music video about Bilbo Baggins, the greatest little Hobbit of them all.  For your enjoyment I have embedded the video below.



Life Outside of Film

During his lifetime Leonard worked on many things from authoring poetry, novels and even comics

Book YouAndI

In 1973 Leonard wrote You & I, a book of poetry as well as photography.  The book, told in poetic form follows a young man searching for a soul mate.  He went on to write Conversations With Mr. Spock in 1976, All My Life as a Searcher (1978) among several other titles.


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As stated earlier he even dabbled in comics with the title Primortals where he was inspired by research he did for film Star Trek IV.  The concept behind the comic was based on SETI project and what could happen if other species sent their own signals into space and an attempt to escape to Earth after a failed revolt.


Image by Seth KayeImage by Seth Kaye

Nimoy also narrated several concerts and films, and became a photographer, some of which can be found on buzzfeed.


He was a friend to all and lead a long, fruitful life and was very down to earth philanthropist.  He was loved by countless numbers of people and will truly be missed. I could research him for days and still not be able to write enough about this great man.

To everyone out there, Live Long and Prosper.

– Mike