The Ten Most Evil Twins in Film

#6 – Adenoid Hynkel

Movie: The Great Dictator (1940)

Who They Are: A satirical version of Adolph Hitler who happens to look a lot like a well-intentioned Jewish barber. 

Why They Exist: Militaristic and fascist leader of Tomainia, who rises to power as a dictator after the country is defeated in WW1. 

What Makes Them So Evil: He is essentially Adolph Hitler. When a Jewish banker refuses to loan him money for his army, Hynkel creates concentration camps. The barber is taken to a concentration camp, where he escapes in a stolen uniform. He is mistaken for Hynkel, and makes the best out of a bad situation by leading the country away from its dangerous course of action and works to undo all of the damage done by Hynkel.  

#5 – Gabriel Yulaw

Movie: The One (2001) 

Who They Are: An inter-dimensional serial killer. 

Why They Exist: In this film there are 124 alternate universes, each with a unique version of every person. Yulaw is one of the alternate versions of the main character, Gabriel Law. 

What Makes Them So Evil: When one of these 124 versions of yourself dies, the rest get stronger. Yulaw seeks this power for himself, and ends up killing all of the other versions of himself except for Gabriel “Gabe” Law. Yulaw becomes a super-powered killer who can only be stopped by his doppelganger, Gabriel. 

#4 – Evil Bill and Ted

Movie: Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991)

Who They Are: Robotic versions of Bill and Ted

Why They Exist: Chuck De Nomolos is from a future utopian society which owes its creation to Bill and Ted. Dr Nomolos doesn’t like this society, and so he creates two robots to go back in time and kill Bill and Ted and replace them and prevent the creation of the utopian society.  

What Makes Them So Evil: These two robots not only manage to kill our beloved heroes, but they nearly succeed in ruining a peaceful future for humanity. They are created for the sole purpose of killing Bill and Ted, and their motivation is one of hatred and frustration.