The Ten Most Evil Twins in Film

#3 – The Tethered

Movie: Us (2019)

Who They Are: Creepy evil “shadow” versions of ourselves who can’t speak. 

Why They Exist: The Tethered represent the dark half of the soul of every living person. When we are born, a “shadow” version of ourselves is created underground where they only experience pain and suffering. 

What Makes Them So Evil: Each of us has one, and they want to kill us. By killing us, they sever the bond of suffering and are free to live our lives instead of their own. The Tethered also represent all of the disenfranchised or otherwise overlooked/ignored people who suffer when we prosper. 

#2 – Corrupted Superman

Movie: Superman III (1983)

Who They Are: The immoral version of Superman. 

Why They Exist: When Superman interferes in a wealthy financier’s plan to take over the world’s economy, he is sabotaged with kryptonite. The kryptonite causes Superman to behave in a more and more reckless manner. Eventually, he splits into two – one good Superman and one bad. 

What Makes Them So Evil: Its bad enough to have an evil twin in the first place. It is even worse when you happen to be one of the most powerful superheroes ever created. Corrupted Superman has all of the strength and capability of Superman, but none of the restraint and concern for humanity. That makes him very very dangerous. 

#1 – Mechagodzilla

Movies: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974), Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975), Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993), Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002), Godzilla: Tokyo SOS (2003), Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (2017), Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (2018)

Who They Are: A mechanical version of Godzilla. 

Why They Exist: In Mechagodzilla’s first appearance, he is created by a race of aliens who want to invade planet Earth. Initially, Mechagodzilla has an appearance very similar to Godzilla. But Godzilla appears to defend Tokyo and rips off Mechagodzilla’s “skin” revealing the robot underneath. 

What Makes Them So Evil: Whether fighting for or against humanity, Godzilla has incredible strength, resilience, and destructive powers. Arguably, Godzilla is one of the most destructive characters ever created in film, and becomes one of Godzilla’s most frequent enemies. Mechagodzilla is everything that Godzilla is (perhaps even more powerful because it is a machine, which can be upgraded), but evil and built for the sole purpose of wiping out humanity. Mechagodzilla’s only weakness is brute strength, more than even Godzilla can provide. Mechagodzilla is only able to be defeated in the first film when Godzilla double teams him with King Caesar, which really demonstrates the machine’s near-invincibility.