‘There Be Dragons’ teaser trailer is not what it seems

There Be Dragons is not what you expect. Don’t get your hopes up for this is not your dragon movie.

The film’s storyline focuses on the post-civil war Spain. It travels in what life was like during that period from love, betrayal, hatred, friendship, etc. It looks like it’ll cover every aspect of human emotion (talk about intense). Film is by Roland Joffe (The Mission, The Killing Fields). The movie cast includes Charlie Cox (The Merchant of Venice), Olga Kurylenko (Hitman, Quantum of Solace), Wes Bentley (Jonah Hex), Lily Cole, Rodrigo Santoro and Douglas Scott.

I’ve watched the trailer several times, and it could have some potential. The high emphasis on the music used in the trailer increases the intensity of what life might have been like for the people of that era. The eerie crawl of living life is dangerous as the screams heard could be of the Spanish survivors. It’s just a small glimpse as to what the whole puzzle could mean. The film is scheduled for a spring release (2011).