TMP Editorial: What’s Wrong With Robin?

I see it nearly everyday when I peruse various fan forums…No one wants to see Robin in Nolan’s Batman movies.  It’s an odd trend.  Many applaud and critically praise the original Batman & Robin animated series, and Robin himself has gone on to better things in the Teen Titans and Young Justice series.  So where does all of this hate come from?

Batman Forever

Unfortunately the older Batman movies (Batman Forever and Batman & Robin) have ruined the Boy Wonder in a lot of people’s eyes.  They can’t seem to look past the Chris O’Donnell incarnation of the character and the poor role he was relegated to in the Schumacher era.  Those movies established a stigma that many comic fans (even those who like Robin) can’t look past anymore.

But this is exactly why I feel that Robin would be excellent to put into The Dark Knight Rises.  Just a few weeks ago, a rumor went around that there were locations being scouted that somehow tied into the Dick Grayson/Robin character.  This sent the internet into a flurry, with people who were upset about the possibility and rumors that Joseph-Gordon Levitt would play the sidekick.  The rumor was soon debunked, but I have to say that for a time, I was really excited about the chance to see Robin in action once more.

Batman and Robin

We’ve made mention of it before on this site many times, but the axiom is true for many fans: “In Nolan We Trust.”  Let’s face it, the man knows what he’s doing.  He’s managed to take some of our favorite villains and transform them from over-the-top comic book characters into real-life villains.  His skill with the characters is highly impressive, which is another reason I never understood why so many people were opposed to Robin.

Nolan could easily redeem Robin.  Under his direction and story-telling abilities, the character would flourish and feel like an integral element to Batman (which he is).  I for one, would love to see Robin enter into the Nolan-verse of Batman and a return of the dynamic duo.  I suppose the best I could really hope for is an easter egg of Dick Grayson somewhere in The Dark Knight Rises.