TMP’s Summer 2011 Movie Guide: July

TMP's Summer 2011 Movie Guide Larry Crowne

Release: July 1 (Wide)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Rated: PG-13 for brief strong language and some sexual content.

Synopsis: After losing his job, a middle age man returns to college life in hope of reinventing himself.

Cast: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Cedric the Entertainer, Bryan Cranston, and Taraji P. Henson

Logline: N/A

Writers: Tom Hanks and Nia Vardalos

Director: Tom Hanks


Antico-Meter: Nothing to Special

Reasoning: Larry Crowne looks like a standard romantic comedy, but Tom Hanks has proven to do an ace job at those, so who knows.  In any case, it’s nice to see Hanks on screen again.

Expect: Romance, Comedy, Tom Hanks.


TMP's Summer 2011 Movie GuideMonte Carlo

Release: July 1 (Wide)

Genre: Comedy

Rated: PG for brief mild language.

Synopsis: Three young woman get the chance of a lifetime when, after a failed Paris vacation, one of them is mistaken for British royalty and are whisked away to Monte Carlo.

Cast: Selena Gomez, Katherine Tate, Katie Cassidy, Corey Montieth, and Brett Cullen

Logline: She’s Having the Time of Someone Else’s Life.

Writers: Thomas Bezucha, April Blair, and Maria Maggenti

Director: Thomas Bezucha


Antico-Meter: Eternally Not Caring

Reasoning: I don’t need to watch a trailer to know that I don’t care about this movie.  Moving on…

Expect: Afternoon Tween Delight

Transformers: Dark of the MoonTransformers 3

Release: July 1 (Wide)

Genre: Sci-Fi Action

Rated: N/A (Probably PG-13)

Synopsis: The Transformers saga comes to an end as Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots rage one final battle with the Decipticons, with Sam Witwicky and his friends once again caught in the mix.

Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington Whitley, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and Patrick Dempsey

Logline: Be Afraid of the Dark.

Writer: Ehren Kruger

Director: Michael Bay


Antico-Meter: Falling for It.

Reasoning: Michael Bay hurt me.  He hurt me hard.  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was so bad, and I never thought I could forgive him for that.  But here I am, crawling back for more.  Bay owns me now.  This is my fate.

Expect: Robots Killing Things, Explosions, Hot Women.

TMP's Summer 2011 Movie GuideHorrible Bosses

Release: July 8 (Wide)

Genre: Comedy

Rated: N/A (Probably R)

Synopsis: Three friends conspire to kill their bosses, assuming that they are the only ones standing in the way of their happiness.

Cast: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, and Kevin Spacey

Logline: N/A

Writer: Michael Markowitz, John Francis Daley, and Jonathon M. Goldstein

Director: Seth Gordon

Trailer: N/A

Antico-Meter: Excited.

Reasoning: Well the plot sounds messed up, I like this cast and it sounds like a movie I’d probably enjoy.  Still, isn’t it strange how there’s nothing for this film?  Not even an official poster?

Expect: Quite honestly, I don’t know.


ZookeeperTMP's Summer 2011 Movie Guide

Release: July 8 (Wide)

Genre: Family Comedy

Rated: PG for some rude and suggestive humor, and language.

Synopsis: A group of zoo animals try to help their hapless and clumsy zookeeper get the girl of his dream.

Cast: Kevin James, Rosario Dawson, Lislie Bibb, Ken Jeong, and Donnie Wahlberg

Logline: Welcome to the Jungle.

Writers: Nick Bakay, Rock Reuban, Kevin Jones, Jay Scherick, and David Ronn

Director: Frank Coraci


Antico-Meter: No Thanks.

Reasoning: If I wanted to see a Dr. Dolittle knock off, I could have seen practically ever family film ever invented.

Expect: Talking Animals and Fat Jokes.


TMP's Summer 2011 Movie Guide

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

Release: July 15 (Wide)

Genre: Fantasy Action

Rated: N/A (Probably PG-13)

Synopsis: The saga ends as Harry and his friends prepare for a final assault against Voldemort and his Death Eater army.

Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Alan Rickman, and Ralph Fiennes

Logline: It all ends.

Writer: Steve Kloves

Director: David Yates


Antico-Meter: Through the Roof

Reasoning: After such a long time, the Harry Potter franchise is ending, and this film looks to be the ultimate way to end the series.  The last book is arguably the best, and I have high hopes for what looks to be an amazing conclusion.

Expect: An Epic End.

Winnie the PoohTMP's Summer 2011 Movie Guide

Release: July 15 (Wide)

Genre: Animated Family

Rated: N/A (Probably G)

Synopsis: While searching for Honey, Winnie the Pooh misinteprets a letter from Christopher Robin, believing him to be captured.  Him and the rest of the gang then spring into action to save him.

Cast: Jim Cummings, Craig Ferguson, John Cleese, Tom Kenney, and Bud Luckey

Logline: An all new story brought to life on the big screen.

Writer: A.A Milne (Books)

Directors: Stephen J. Anderson and Don Hall


Antico-Meter: Welcoming an Old Friend.

Reasoning: Seeing Winnie the Pooh return to the big screen in proper form sure does fill me with nostalgia.  I hope the film is good enough to make the children as happy as I was as a child.

Expect: Fun for Children of All Ages.

Captain AmericaTMP's Summer 2011 Movie Guide

Release: July 22 (Wide)

Genre: Superhero Action-Adventure

Rated: N/A (Probably PG-13)

Synopsis: Underweight and scrawny, Steve Rogers gets the chance of a lifetime when he takes a serum granting him super soldier abilites.  Joining the Army during WWII, Rogers fights the Nazis as the patriotic Captain America.

Cast: Chris Evans, Haley Atwell, Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, and Stanley Tucci

Logline: AVENGE.

Writer: Christopher Markus and Stephen McFreely

Director: Joe Johnston


Antico-Meter: Extremely Optimistic

Reasoning: While Joe Johnston hasn’t exactly proven himself, there seems to be a lot to like about this film and, quite honestly, I’m a sucker for this type of superhero story. Combine that with a war movie story and I couldn’t be more excited.

Expect: The enemy is not what you expect.

Friends with BenefitsTMP's Summer 2011 Movie Guide

Release: July 22 (Wide)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Rated: N/A (Probably PG-13)

Synopsis: Two lifelong friends decide to add sex to their relationship, feeling that the stories of Hollywood romantic comedies were wrong about what it would do to there friendship.  They fall in love.  The end.

Cast: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Rashida Jones, Emma Stone, and Richard Jenkins

Logline: Some friends come with a happy ending.

Writer: Keith Merryman, David A. Newman, and Will Gluck

Director: Will Gluck


Antico-Meter: Eternally Not Caring

Reasoning: I felt like I’ve said this a lot during this guide, but I honestly don’t care about films like this.  I won’t criticize you for wanting to see them; there just not my cup of tea.  And didn’t we see this already this year?

Expect: The other chick from Black Swan sexing it up.  She’s more willing, I’m sure.

Another EarthTMP's Summer 2011 Movie Guide

Release: June 22 (Limited)

Genre: Drama

Rated: N/A

Synopsis: A young composer and a student cross paths on the night that a second planet identical to Earth is discovered.

Cast: Brit Marling, Jordan Blaker, Flint Beverage, Robin Taylor, and William Mapother

Logline: N/A

Writer: Brit Marling, Mike Cahill

Director: Mike Cahill


Antico-Meter: Intrigued

Reasoning: Another Earth looks like one interesting science fiction movie.  Honestly, the science fiction aspect seems to almost be brushed aside in place of the drama.  Color me intrigued.

Expect: Drama, with a little bit of science fiction.

Cowboys and AliensTMP's Summer 2011 Movie Guide

Release: July 29 (Wide)

Genre: Science Fiction Western, Action

Rated: N/A (Probably PG-13)

Synopsis: A mysterious traveler with no memory wanders unto a small town during the night of an alien invasion.  Soon after, the mysterious traveler finds out he may be the only one who can stop them, and teams up with the local sheriff to do it.

Cast: Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell, and Paul Dano

Logline: N/A

Writers: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Damon Lindelof, Mark Fergus, and Hawk Ostby

Director: Jon Favreau


Antico-Meter: Psyched

Reasoning: While I had my doubts toward the beginning, a recently released trailer has changed my mind drastically, and now I believe this could be the funnest movie of the Summer.  If they do it right, that is.

Expect: Cowboys, Aliens, and Harrison Ford wanting his family back.

Crazy, Stupid, LoveTMP's Summer 2011 Movie Guide

Release: July 29 (Wide)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Rated: PG-13 for coarse humor, sexual content, and language.

Synopsis: A recently divorced man takes advise from a charming bachelor on how to pick up ladies.

Cast: Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, and Kevin Bacon

Logline: N/A

Writer: Dan Fogleman

Directors: Glenn Fecara and John Requa


Antico-Meter: Optimistic

Reasoning: I’ve heard great things from the script, and the directors previous work.  I enjoyed the trailer, and I love Steve Carrell.  I’m contradicting myself here, but this is a romantic comedy I DO care about.

Expect: Awkwardness, Hotness, and Love…ness.

The SmurfsTMP's Summer 2011 Movie Guide

Release: July 29 (Wide)

Genre: Family Comedy

Rated: N/A (Probably PG)

Synopsis: After being chased out of their village by Gargamel, the Smurfs land in modern day New York, and are taken in by a young couple.

Cast: Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry, Hank Azaria, Sofia Vergara, and Jayma Mays

Logline: Where the smurf are we?

Writers: J. David Stem and David N. Weiss

Director: Raja Gosnell


Antico-Meter: Smurfing Up Blood.

Reasoing: I wouldn’t touch this with a 10 yard smurf.  The two puns I just made is about 2.7 times smarter than the ones in the film.

Expect: Puns, and lots of em.

Well that does it for July!  Check back for our final segment focusing on August.

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