Top 5 Godzilla Villains We’d Love to See in a Sequel


5) Orga – First Appearance: Godzilla 2000 (2000)

Few here in the USA remember exactly who Orga was since his only film outing came in the form of Godzilla 2000, where he took on the King in one of his most brutal fights.  Able to absorb DNA and mutate himself, Orga began life as a UFO, mutated into a giant-squid like creature, then into his final form: an immensely powerful but physically unstable clone of Godzilla himself.  While Orga put up a hell of a fight, he was delivered his crushing defeat when, after attempting to swallow Godzilla whole and absorb him, Godzilla thrust his head down his throat and unleashed his devatstating Atomic Breath attack, decapitating the monster and securing his victory.

Though seemingly basic in premise, Orga gets significant mention due to the fact that he appeared extremely similar in design to a giant lizard from across the Pacific.  Toho, the studio behind nearly every Godzilla film, created Orga as their “artistic” response to the CGI American version who got his royal can kicked by Matthew Broderick back in 1998, a subtle reminder of just where Ol’ Nuke Breath really calls home.  Point made, it is extremely doubtful we’ll ever see Orga again.


4) Biollante – First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989)

Biollante was also a single-film badass, a mutant plant with multiple forms that very nearly proved capable of sending Godzilla to an early grave.  An original concept, Biollante was the first kaiju monster not designed after an animal or robot.  Initially, sensing an organism that shared his genetic structure, Godzilla sought out the source and found a rooted Biollante.  An eventual brawl ensued that ended badly for Biollante as Godzilla wiped the landscape with the plant.  After ascending into space as pollen, Biollante returned for revenge.

With three heads full of devastating jaws, nigh-indestructible entangling vines, and the ability to emit an Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacterium that sapped the energy right out of Godzilla, the two eventually clashed to a standstill with Biollante mortally wounded and Godzilla lethargically collapsing into the healing waters of the Pacific Ocean.  However, Biollante once again ascended into space in his pollen form, leaving the possibility of his actual demise in question.  Could Biollante return in future Godzilla movies?  The odds are extremely doubtful, but to see this incredible visual spectacle of a monster arrive would really be something to witness.


3) Mothra – First Appearance: Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964)

One of the first monsters to take on Godzilla, Mothra is one of the few creatures in the Godzilla Universe who’s actually not a villain.  The God of Infant Island, Mothra is a benevolent and caring God, unleashing her devastating wrath only on those who threaten her, her eggs, or her worshippers.  Naturally Godzilla and Mothra would come to blows, but the outcome was rarely in Godzilla’s favor.  Currently, Mothra holds the title for most victories against Godzilla; having mopped the floor with him over a dozen times.

She used her various abilities to entrap, deter, or sometimes even aid Godzilla in his battles.  Mothra, being the most unusual kaiju, is unique in that she is the only monster who actually defends the Earth and battles for the betterment of the planet.  As Godzilla’s most determined and aggressively powerful foe, unhindered by even death, Mothra could see action in upcoming sequels and that’s a rematch decades in the making.

godzilla vs king ghidorah by nobackstreetboys-d5wwcbi 

2) Monster Zero a.k.a. King Ghidorah – First Appearance: Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster (1964)

No fan will ever forget the first time that golden, bat-winged, three-headed monster descended onto Earth begging for a throwdown with the King of Monsters.  Ghidorah has gone by many names, but who really needs them when you’re a Space Dragon who plans to destroy Earth after erradicating the civilization on Venus.  After hatching out of his cosmic eggs, Ghidorah starts to raze the countryside.  After menacing much of the country and proving too much for even Mothra, it finally takes Godzilla and Rodan (putting their own battle on hold) to subdue the Space Dragon.  Even then, he is not killed, but battered into submission, where he then flies off into space to lick his wounds.

The King of Terror would return on several occasions (once even in a Mechanized form), and each time requiring Godzilla to team up with various other monsters to take him down.  Arguably Godzilla’s most powerful opponent, King Ghidorah would prove an awesome match up for any future Godzilla film.  Having racked up the most appearances in Godzilla films and always as Godzilla’s arch-nemsis, the odds of him being a future antagonist seem more likely than not.

Mecha Godzilla

1) MechaGodzilla – First Appearance: Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla (1974)

Of all the monsters Godzilla has faced, none have proved more devasting in their fury than the infamous robotic clone created by the Simians.  Originally, MechaGodzilla arrived in the form of Godzilla, wreaking havoc on Tokyo, and attracting the attention of the old Godzilla ally, Anguirus.  Easily seeing through the ruse, Anguirus attacked but was bested by the doppelganger.  After the defeat of Anguirus, Godzilla himself appeared, ready to avenge his sworn ally.  In one of the most climactic scenes in Godzilla history, the King of the Monsters blasted MechaGodzilla with his Atomic Breath, burning away the fake skin of the imposter to reveal a gleaming, red-eyed, robot, armed to the teeth and still going strong.

After a lengthy battle that nearly resulted in Godzilla’s permanent demise, it took the combined efforts of Godzilla and the solar-powered cyborg King Caesar to remove MechaGodzilla’s head and end the threat.  But that would only prove an obstacle for MechaGodzilla as he was soon fully repaired, refitted with more powerful weaponry and upgraded with human intelligence.  While MechaGodzilla has appeared in several forms over the years, including one designed from the bones of the original Godzilla killed in 1954, he retains the title as the only monster to successfully bring Godzilla to the brink of death in nearly every battle, the King requiring the aid of other monsters, humans, or both to survive.  Like a kaiju Terminator, MechaGodzilla would prove an awesome force to be reckoned with in the future.



Each these monsters holds a special place in the Godzilla hall of fame and for a variety of reasons.  Maybe Rodan, Giga, Destoroyah, or possibly even Mechani-Kong were more memorable in their appearances, but I feel these monsters would provide something more beyond fan service if included in future movies. 

You’ve seen our list, so now it’s time to tell us yours!  What are your favorite Godzilla villains that you’d like to see pop up in future installments of the new franchise?