Top 5 Most Anticipated Trailers of SDCC 2016

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#5 CW Superheroes

Some of the best superhero adaptations have come, not from the big screen, from Greg Berlanti produced shows on the CW.  Series like Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and the newest member, Supergirl, have blown comic-book and TV fans away with their blend of tremendous storytelling and intense action.  On Saturday at 3:30pm PST in Ballroom 20 of SDCC 2016, Berlanti and his CW cohorts will take the stage to preview these revolutionary shows.  They’re also promising a video presentation which can only mean one thing, trailers!  What will happen now that Flash is on the Flashpoint timeline? How will the JSA effect the crew of the Waverider? After finally disposing of Damien Darhk, where will Arrow go next?  How does Supergirl fit into all of this and will they show the series on Netflix?  Hopefully most of these questions will be answered when the CW unleashes these trailers upon the world on July 23rd!

#4 The LEGO Batman Movie

One of my favorite films of 2014 was the hilarious, nostalgic film for all ages, The LEGO Movie.  While there were many characters who shined, none could compare to Will Arnett’s Batman.  He was dark, brooding, egotistical, and narcissistic the result was outright amazing.  In fact it was so good, they decided to give him his own movie!  So far, we’ve seen brief trailers and stills showing off small moments of the animated film.  However, we want to see a full length trailer featuring the iconic Batman villains.  I’m really hoping that’s what they show us, especially after unveiling some of them in the latest stills!

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#3 Kong: Skull Island

Few movies have me more giddy than this one.  In a universe where Godzilla has been re-imagined as the powerful colossus he was meant to be, his long-time rival is getting the same treatment.  With an incredible cast featuring Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Toby Kebbell, John Goodman, John C. Reilly, Samuel L. Jackson, among many others, Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has the lofty task of re-creating one of the giants of movie history, King Kong, to eventually set up a fight with Godzilla!  From early look-ins Kong: Skull Island looks like everything we want it to be.  However, there’s nothing like a trailer to actually show us the Massive Gorilla and the mysterious island he calls home!

#2 Doctor Strange

Months ago, Marvel released an incredible teaser trailer for Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  The teaser blew us away with its interpretation of the Sorcerer Supreme!  With the film hitting theaters in just a few short months, it’s time we get another look inside the fascinating world of Doctor Strange.  Maybe this time we see more of Baron Mordo.  Perhaps even more of the magic that will be invading the MCU.  Doctor Strange is one of my all-time favorite Marvel characters so patiently waiting for Saturday to reveal a new trailer is wrenching, to say the least.

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#1 Wonder Woman

The most anticipated trailer at SDCC 2016 has to be Wonder Woman.  On the heels of Gal Gadot’s scene-stealing performance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman shows us just how Princess Diana became the powerful warrior she was destined to become.  Since filming began, we haven’t seen much more than stills and a couple of clips.  SDCC 2016 is the place to show us a full-length trailer.  In fact, it’s imperative that they do.  There is so much riding on Wonder Woman.  The first being that it is the first female-led superhero film of its kind.  That fact alone has expectations exceedingly high.  Then there is the point that Wonder Woman is the movie that DC is hoping will get the DCCU back on track, after the mixed reviews of BvS.  If she’s anything like what we saw in BvS then we’re in for something special.  We won’t know, though, until WB and DC finally release the most anticipated trailer of SDCC 2016!

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