Vote Now! The 2015 Cinelinx Movie Awards Nominees

2016 is here, and although there are a lot of exciting films on the horizon, it is important to reflect upon all the accomplishments in film from last year. For this reason, we are proud to present the categories and nominees for the 2015 Cinelinx Movie Awards (“The Linxies”). This will be our third year of handing  out these special awards and with your help we can make it something really fun and special.

Listed below are the categories we’ve chosen to highlight all of the hard work that goes into movies. These categories are organized to reflect our review system. These are categories that we judge movies by because we think they are the most important. The nominees have been selected as the best representation of each category.

Now comes the fun part. It’s time to narrow down the list of nominees and select winners, and WE NEED YOUR HELP. Each category has its own poll. Simply vote for whichever nominee you think deserves to win in each category. You are allowed to vote once per week until the winners are announced. Feel free to post your thoughts and supporting arguments in the comments or on Facebook. We want to know what makes you like a certain nominee over the others for a given category. Have fun with it!

Results of these reader polls plus our own picks will be announced on February 15th. That gives you 4 weeks to watch a lot of really great movies to help you decide who you want to win. Need some help deciding? Head over to our reviews to read our thoughts on these impressive films or hop on over to the forums where we are discussing last years’s best films.

Without further delay, here are the nominees for the 2015 Cinelinx Movie Awards

Most Entertaining
The winner of this award will be the movie that is decided to be the most fun to watch. Which of these films has all the right elements to keep you engaged? It could be the eye-watering special effects, gut-wrenching comedy, exciting action sequences, or even just the fact that it is the latest addition to your favorite franchise.

Best Story

The winner of this award will be the movie that is decided to have the best story. This includes the dialogue of characters, the script, the plot itself, or even the themes and messages that the film brings to life. Which story inspired you the most?

Best Actor
The winner of this award will be the actor who has given us the best performance of the year in a leading role. Some of these actors went to extraordinary lengths in order to become their character, while others fit into their roles more naturally. Who deserves top honors?

Best Actress
The winner of this award will be the actress who has given us the best performance of the year in a leading role. This year we have a lot of accomplished women who are battling for the title. Who should be the winner?

Best Supporting Actor copy

The winner of this award will be the actor in a supporting role who provided us with the best performance of the year. While some names are familiar, others are new to most audiences and really showed off what they can do. Who will be deemed most talented for 2015?

Best Supporting Actress copy

The winner of best supporting actress will be the actress who provided us with the most impressive performance of the year in a supporting role. These nominees significantly improved the quality of their respetive films due to their acting performances. Who should win the award for 2015?

Best Director

This award will be given to the filmmaker who did the best work as director. Consider how they handle the physical framework of their film in addition to the emotional impact and the quality of performance they get from their actors. Who is worthy of being called the best director of 2015?

Best Special Effects
This award will be given to the film which has the best special effects. This could mean the most realistic, most innovative, most exciting, or even perhaps the effects that best enhanced the story. Which film pushed the envelope in terms of visual effects?

Best Makeup

 This award is for the film with the best costumes. Best costumes could be defined as most realistic, most creative, best executed, or most captivating. Which film’s costumes made it that much better to watch?

Best Music

This award is for the film with the best score or soundtrack. These scores either enhanced the stories and characters or kept us entertained with their innovation and quality. Which film used its music the best?

Best Cinematography

This award is for the film that looked the best. The visual texture and palette of the film are important to consider, along with the clarity or crispness of the picture. Which film had the best execution?

Best Animated Film copy

This award honors the animated films that came out this year. While they are all animated, each had its own unique look and feel. Which was the best?

Best Movie 2015 tag

While actors and directors can achieve individual honors for their performances, any film that wins the Cinelinx Best Movie Award must have everyone involved doing their best work. This is only for the best of the best; a film that not only showed competency in every category but raised the bar. This award is reserved for films that will stand the test of time and be considered classics. Future generations will look back at this film in awe. It should inspire other filmmakers as well as the audience. Actors and directors will define their career with this film.

Which movie best embodies these characteristics?


Hungry for more great films? Check out the winners of last year’s awards here.

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