What Nerds Want: Cinelinx’s Christmas Gift Guide (2015)

The holidays are fast approaching and you need some suggestions as far as what gifts to give movie and game lovers. We admit, movie and game lovers are not always the easiest type of people to shop for, but you’re in luck! Our talented staff of geeks and gamers have come up with a Geeky Wish List of awesome movie and game related gifts we’d love to receive this holiday season. Allow us to help you find the ultimate gift for that media-obsessed person on your list! 


Jordan – With a new Star Wars movie hitting just before Christmas, it’s all too easy for me to LITTER this gift guide with amazing Star Wars stuff.  From the new Legos, the return of Micro Machines, and wealth of toys there’s so much here that even Santa’s head would spin.  I’m going to try and limit myself (though the ones I’ve review in the links above are well worth it), and throw in another suggestion for non-Star Wars loving movie buffs.  

Sphero BB-8

Since its announcement, and release during Force Friday, pretty much everyone knew this would be the toy to beat for the holiday season.  I’m not even that big a fan of remote controlled toys, but every time I see a video of the Sphero BB-8 in action, the urge to get my hands on it is strong.  While it’s a little on the pricey side of things, there’s no denying this is the kind of toy the entire family can have fun with. 

Nakatomi Plaza Die Hard Collection

Some have argued that Die Hard is one of the best Christmas movies around, and many continue to watch it around this time of year as part of their traditions.  Even if that’s not the case, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with the Die Hard franchise, and this collector’s edition is something movie buffs can enjoy.  If you’re a collector, this set will look mighty nice on your shelf, offering a nifty display, while still featuring all your favorite Die Hard films. 

ready player one book art 1280jpg b68ca1 1280w

GarrettReady Player One by Ernest Cline 

This is really a great gift for gamers, music aficionados, avid readers as well as movie lovers. The reason I put it under gifts for movie buffs is that Steven Spielberg himself is currently working on the big screen adaptation (as always, read a book before going to see the movie adaptation!). Ready Player One is a thrilling book that is easy to read and is really unlike anything you’ve read before. Chocked full of everything nostalgic, it is a throwback to geek culture in the 80’s while bringing it forward into the future. It bridges the gap such that both younger and older readers will find something to enjoy.   

Yojimbo & Sanjuro Criterion Collection Blu-Ray Set

Yojimbo is a well-loved and very influential film. Later remade into A Fistfull of Dollars (which itself is a stellar film), Yojimbo helped to pave the way to more gritty, violent films and set up the framework for Spagetti and American Westerns in the late 60’s. This two-film set also features the sequel, and since it is part of the criterion collection, you know it will have fantastic picture and sound quality. This is a must-have for any film aficionado’s collection or any fan of action movies and westerns who can appreciate a legend in the genre.

Cinelinx Expansions Three

Linda – What could be more fun than arguing with family about movies? The Cinelinx card game brings so much fun and frustration to the table that you might work off your dessert while making connections between movies, actors, directors, and more! Those who already have the game might appreciate the Red Band Expansion as a perfect stocking stuffer (plus a great way to get ready for our NEW expansions).  

Another great stocking stuffer is the Building Brick Light Switch Plate. If you or someone else has problems with putting bricks away, this makes for handy storage after said bricks are stepped on. It’s compatible with most sets, including Lego™, Mega Bloks, and K’NEX Bricks™.  


GabrielMinimal movie posters made of metal. These posters hit the top of my list the moment I saw them. The designs can be hit or miss, but picking out a handful of awesome posters for a movie buff of any type shouldn’t be too hard.


Jason – For Transformers fans for the holidays I would highly recommend any TF’s from the Masterpiece line. These are high quality toys for the old school collectors. There are some older ones that go for some pretty high dollar amounts but there are some that are readily available at great prices.

Utility wise if you have a friend that has a smart phone not protected or not well protected I can recommend any Otterbox case to protect those expensive devices. Seriously I have had some ugly drops and this thing has proven it’s worth. Fine their model and hook em up. They may end up thanking you some day.


DustinGeek Home Appliances 

I’ve been scratching my head trying to find something out of the ordinary to put in this list and today while shopping for others I may have finally found it. I walked down the home aisle of a retail store and right at the end were these boxes staring at me. It was Spider-Man waffle irons! I’m a huge Spider-Man fan, the only thing I like more is Metal Gear, so I sat there and stared at it while I asked myself if I had enough money. Eventually my girlfriend walked up and simply grabbed one and put it in our cart. She goes “I’m sorry, that’s too cool for even me to pass up!”

So there you go. My pick is geeky home appliances. It doesn’t have to be the totally cool Spider-Man waffle iron that imprints his logo into your delicious waffles for only $15 dollars at Target or Wal-Mart either! I’ve seen Star Wars knives (which made our list last year), I’ve seen Star Wars toasters, and I’ve seen Avengers things. Honestly with a little skill you could totally geek out your entire kitchen without your girlfriend/wife even noticing.


GIFTS FOR GAMERS: Of course we can’t leave out our gaming brethren when it comes to the holidays!  Below, you’ll find our team’s picks for the coolest gifts and ideas for the gamer on your shopping list.  

darth vader ps4 640x360

Jordan – Darth Vader PlayStation 4 

Look, if you haven’t made the jump to the current generation of consoles, it’s definitely the right time.  Even if you already have, this Darth Vader PS4 is probably still worth picking up.  Sure, it may not be as swanky as some special edition consoles, but it’s Star Wars, and that makes up for a lot!  Coming with a bigger hard drive, the new Battlefront game, as well as 4 older Star Wars titles remastered for the console, it is an appealing piece of gaming hardware.  I know I’d love to find this under my tree this year! 

If the price is just too high for you, Wal-Mart is selling just the Darth Vader skinned controller from this bundle, all by itself.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Ear phones

Earlier this year, I got the chance to check out V-MODA’s new line of M-100 headphones and fell in love with them.  They’re a solid piece of hardware for both work and fun purposes.  With online gaming being more and more the norm, a good headset is something gamers are needing.  V-MODA’s M-100 sets fit the bill by being comfortable, sturdy, and even customizable.  


Eric – Now that we are settling into the current generation of games, one thing has become abundantly clear: this generation has some very hefty-sized games (some weighing in at over 64 gigs). Hard drives are starting to fill up faster than Santa at an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

Good thing is that we have choices available to help with this literal growing problem. The first is just delete what you are no longer playing. Sure, that seems easy to some…but what if you want to start up a game again? Do you really want to endure that 60 gig install or, if it’s digital, download it?

The second option is to obtain a bigger hard drive.  Here are some great choices for anyone that’s become stuffed to the gills with digital goodness.

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox 2TB Green

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive

This particular drive is a hidden industry secret. You get 2TB of space in a 2TB bare bones external hard drive, and it is actually cheaper than a 1.5TB bare bones drive. You will need a flat-head screwdriver to open the casing and once opened, you will find a 2TB Samsung bare bones drive secretly tucked away inside.


Daley – Plenty of new games will be available come Christmas, it may actually be hard to pick between them, that and well, they are pretty expensive these days! Let’s take a look at some more affordable options!

Custom gaming loot seems to be the in thing and it is here to stay, my first gift recommendation comes in this shape of a Legend of Zelda style jewelry box! Dah dah daaaah! Every hero and princess needs somewhere to store their valuables. This Zelda treasure chest would make the perfect gift for that one person who seems to have everything.

For my second recommendation, well, everyone gets bath stuff for Christmas right? Why not make it a little more personal with one of these soap game cartridges.  No gamer will sigh at the sight of custom gaming soap. Perfect for when you want to say “you smell a bit, but I love you.” 

TFA Preorder EMEA Screenshots 2 1940x1091

Mike – I’m going to keep mine simple. Disney Infinity 3.0 and LEGO Dimension. They are both family friendly and tons of fun to play alone or with a friend or family member.

Disney Infinity 3.0

XBox 360
XBox One
Wii U

LEGO Dimensions

XBox 360
XBox One
Wii U 

Quick Picks:

Star Wars Blu-Ray Steelbooks

Star Wars HP Laptop 

Amazon Echo

Home Alone: 25th Annivesary Blu-Ray

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials Blu-Ray 

New Nintendo 3DS 

There you have it folks, our team’s picks for the best Christmas gifts for the geeks on your shipping list.  We hope this helps you out in your shopping this year, but if you have some other great nerdy gift ideas, be sure to show them off in the comments below!  Happy shopping everyone!

-The Cinelinx Team

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