Who’s playing the next ‘Spider-Man’?

Spiderman (2002)

For some time, Sony has been debating back and forth trying to figure out who will play the next ‘Spidey’. It has lost interest for a lot of fans as they continue to drag on with the numerous leaks for the lead role. When will Sony decide wrap it up? The suspense is killing us (well those who haven’t lost interest anyway). With each ticking day that passes by, they waste valuable marketing time and budgetary issues. A lengthy list of names has been rumored to play the role of the nerdy superhero, but screen tests on Friday have concreted the list to these potential actors Andrew Garfield (The Social Network), Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot and King Kong), Anton Yelchin (Terminator Salvation), Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief), Alden Ehrenreich (Tetro), Frank Dillane (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) and Michael Angerano (Lords of Dogtown).

Launching the 2002 Spider-Man franchise, Maguire was a perfect fit for portraying the unsuspected hero. The Movie Pool discusses some of Sony’s finalists; have they selected the creme of the crop to pull off another hit? Or will it flounder like a dying fish?


Andrew Garfield: The Social Network (2010)

Garfield, an English-American actor, has won numerous awards for his acting abilities and named one of 2007’s Variety’s “10 Actors to Watch.” His gangly appearance gives this actor the ‘look’ to fulfill the role. A good choice for Peter Parker but one down side (or two) – he is not well known in the U.S., so it could result in a death for the movie even before it hits the ground. Plus, Hollywood’s brilliant idea of having older actors portraying younger roles could ruin having a successful sequel as Garfield is on the brim of 30 (well close – he’s 27).


Josh Hutcherson: Zathura (2005) and Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

Hutcherson has one up on Garfield as he is a little more recognizable with his kiddie flicks. At 17, he is starting to  broaden his movie genre from juvenile banter to more adult minded films in the upcoming The Kids Are All Right. Only plus for Hutcherson is his youth and ability to identify with growing pains as a high school student. Hutcherson faces more than he could possibly chew as this role takes on more than just the seemingly funny punch lines. Does Hutcherson have what it takes to carry a huge franchise single-handedly or will he collapse under pressure?


Frank Dillane: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Dillane made his debut in the latest Harry Potter film. Many are unaware of this young actor, but the Potter movies have sparked the careers of a few of its stars. Still a teen, this seems to be helping a lot of the young actors presented but Dillane seems quite wrong for this role especially as his publicity photos mask him as a potential serial killer. Not the impression movie goers anticipate when they want to see the Peter Parker we all love and know. Once a star is type-cast, it becomes more of a battle to unwind the labels then just going with the flow.


Alden Ehrenreich: Tetro (2009)

Ehrenreich was discovered by Spielberg, who saw this upcoming actor in a short film at the age of 14. Appearing in his screen debut in Tetro last year and an upcoming role in Coppola’s Somewhere, he is destined to be marked for success especially with backing from Spielberg. Even though his big screen performances are few, he is still fresh to the movie market. Granted that may not stop this budding actor, but could it hold him back? He might have what it takes to play the leading man, but by his looks he definitely would not fit the description of Parker. Ehrenreich has the bad boy ‘look’; realistically his character should be stuffing Parker in a locker instead of being Parker.


Jamie Bell: King Kong (2005), Billy Elliot (200), Tintin (2011)

Best known on this list, Bell has had roles in various films even in the upcoming Spielberg’s Tintin adaption. His face has become that “hey, it’s that guy” response which becomes questionable if he is truly suited for the character. Bell chances as front-runner are high due to recognizability factors. As he is not as old as Garfield, he stretches the limit for taking on a role as a high school student. Sequel issues could arise. Not to mention, his hair style is freakishly similar to Maguire’s cut from Spider-Man 3.

According to Deadline, the selections should be within the near future. One less thing to worry about but assuredly Sony will continue to drag fans along for the roller coaster ride. From the list of potential actors, the choices seem limited to match Maguire’s performance. Perhaps, a fresh face might be just what is required, but it is a blockbuster chance they make if casting a foreign face. With some big names to back some of the listed actors, we might be pleasantly surprised.