Why Hate the New 52? Hollywood’s Been Doing It For Years

Take a look at what is happening with the DC 52 comic book reboot here!

While I see it as nothing more than a hissy fit of people getting mad that their favorite characters are….being touched! Oh no! DC is supposedly throwing all their current fans under the bus in order to get a few new readers. (A “few” ironically turned into nearly triple the normal) However I can see why some people have this dilemma. I guarantee all of you reading this have seen at least one superhero movie over the past ten years, and my question to you is; was that movie an origin story? Was it about how the character came to be, what his identity is, and so on? Chances are the answers are ‘yes;

Unlike the comic book world, Hollywood is either afraid to take risks on deeper stories, or doesn’t have the talent to do it correctly. Normally superheroes see the light of day for roughly 3 movies before a studio scraps it and starts from ground one (sometimes they may only get 1!). It’s annoying and even the writers behind the comic books themselves have noted how annoying it is. Jim Lee, one of the guys behind the DC New 52, even said that rebooting something over and over again is what causes people to lose interest. We have seen stories get rebooted to death and we don’t want to see it happen in comics. That’s the reason behind this fear everyone seems to have.

It’s a fear that if this doesn’t work out, will DC do it again? Is DC rebooting it like movies where all the previous stories and movies have absolutely no bearing on the future? The answer to both of those is simply “no”. It’s not like that. Looking at DC and Marvel’s past, when has there ever been a reboot of this scale? Yes some side stories and series’ have had reboots, but those were short runs that needed it. DC has never said “scrap Batman, move him to ground one.” Not a single time. However in today’s pop culture world, this is what people are afraid of.

Along with that people seem to be exaggerating everything. For some odd reason people think “Batman is going to be a 5 year old boy that pee’s his pants” when they hear “reboot” come from the mouths of DC. No. He is going to be more modern, have a more modern take to better resonate with today’s readers. The reboot is simply allowing for newer more modern stories to be told. Like some of the writers noted, when you jump into a story, you don’t jump to the middle page. You don’t jump to the last episode of a TV show. You want to know how it got there, you want to know the beginning.

The fact of the matter is movies, TV shows, and even video games have all touched these beloved characters. I understand the eery feeling of someone possibly “destroying” your favorite character or story, but wouldn’t you rather DC make money and stay alive? You have to take into account two very important factors. The first being what were sales like before the reboot? So far every local comic book shop in my area had to re-order Justice League #1 to keep up with demand and promised to order more for the future titles. When I walked in to get my copy last week I have never seen the parking lot literally full of cars and people walking about. DC needs to capitalize on this, they need to find a way to keep those readers, and not turn dry within a few months.

The second is thing is also very important. Who was writing your beloved stories before all this happened? The very writers that have helped write the new reboots. Great talents like Jim Lee which wrote the previously released Justice League #1. How can you trust these guys to write the deeper stories, but not the origin stories? Its nothing more than new stories. Its like havng Nolan make Batman, or Snyder make Superman. Are there some odd decisions at first? Yeah but a good majority of them have turned into great things. Heath Ledger as Joker comes to mind.

With that being said you have to realize the two industries are run as two entirely different companies. They have always been that way and they will continue to be that way. WB doesn’t want direct correlation with comics and movies. So why would they pull the same business move? The writers, editors, and several people have already noted the flawed Hollywood “reboot it as soon as possible” method would destroy comic books. It won’t happen. So enjoy your stories, enjoy the new takes on characters, and give these books a chance! I have already picked up a few and I must say they are of really good quality, and its rather exciting when you learn to just enjoy what is happening!