Will ‘The Hobbit’ start filming in January?

After all the financial stresses MGM has been enduring, it could look quite positive for The Hobbit to emerge on the scene.

Sir Ian Mckellen shares, “The aim is to start filming in January.” Wonderful news for this project. Problem after problem hit the development from the very beginning. It was looking beyond the realm of possibility that it would come to light on the big screen.

So could it be true that Peter Jackson has been signed on to direct The Hobbit? I do hope so because bringing in a new director could prove challenging. After seeing The Lord of the Rings trilogy, a fresh face could affect the outcome of the film’s success (mostly in the eyes of fans – maybe critics too). After all the Oscars collected, I doubt anyone could fill the mighty shoes. Too much expectation would lead to bad results in the end. I would hate to see it lose the quality, because I liked the trilogy even though I could never sit through Tolkien’s books. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more positive news concerning the movie’s progress.