Will The Vision Replace Adam Warlock in the MCU Infinity War?

The Vision, played by Paul Bettany, was one of the most positively received aspects of Avengers: Age of Ultron, almost stealing the film. Marvel/Disney gave him a BIG intro, no doubt setting him up for bigger and better things in the future. After all, that whole thing about the Vision lifting Thor’s hammer and proving that he was ‘worthy’ was probably not just a throw-away gag. The Vision seems to be on the path to an important role in the future of the MCU. What could that be?

Could he be the surrogate Adam Warlock for the MCU? There are a lot of similarities between the two characters. They are both artificial beings created by some of the greatest minds on Earth (The ‘Beehive’ in Warlock’s case) and grow inside a special hatching shell (A cocoon for Warlock, and the ‘cradle’ for the Vision). They are ‘born’ and immediately encounter a Marvel super-team (the Fantastic four in Warlock’s case) during which they develop an individual identity and personality. They both get an Infinity Gem put on their foreheads (The Soul Gem for Warlock, and the Mind Gem for the MCU Vision) and decide to use their powers for justice. The Vision is a built as a being of pure logic, whereas Warlock (in the comics) purges himself of good-and-evil emotions to become a being of pure logic. In the comics, Warlock would be re-interpreted by Roy Thomas in Marvel Premier as a Christ allegory, while the Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron is judged to be as worthy as the God Thor.

Aside from their similarities, the possession of the Mind Gem will allow the Vision to do what Warlock did in order to save the day in the comic books. Warlock used his link to the Soul Gem to end the cosmic menace of the gauntlet (which, by that point in the story, had fallen into the hands of Thanos’s daughter Nebula). Couldn’t the Vision do the same thing with his mind gem?

Of course, alert viewers will argue against this theory by pointing out that Warlock’s cocoon (which he hatched out of in the comics) has been seen twice already—first in the end-credit sequence of Thor: Dark World and later, we see in Guardians of the Galaxy that the cocoon has hatched, at the end of the film. Director James Gunn has indeed confirmed that the cocoon belonged to Warlock. Therefore, it stands to reason that Warlock himself will probably be the hero of Infinity War. Right?

But most likely, he won’t! First of all, as we head into Phase three of the MCU, no concrete announcement has been made regarding the use of Warlock in any future Marvel project, and that includes Gun’s 2017 GOTG sequel. And even if Warlock does make an appearance in GOTG 2, he will be merely a supporting character squeezed a film which will debut only a year before Avengers: Infinity War. This is hardly sufficient time to build Warlock into such an important character in the MCU that he should be the pivotal character in the conclusion of the long Thanos story arc, which goes back to the first Avengers film. Also, since Phase Three is going to end in an Avengers film, it’s probable that the seed for the finale would be set in a previous Avengers film, not in a GOTG sequel.

The Vision was, of course, introduced as JARVIS as far back as the first Iron Man film. His voice graced many Marvel films before taking physical form in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In his current android form, he’ll be making a second appearance in Captain America: Civil War, and there may still be time to slip him into another Phase Three appearance before the Infinity War debuts in 2018. This will make the Vision a firmly established veteran of the MCU by the time Phase Three concludes and therefore a “worth” hero to be the one to outwits the ultimate enemy.

As for Warlock, there may be plans for him somewhere down the road, (The Magus, hopefully) but it’s doubtful that he’ll play a major role in the Infinity War adaptation. The Vision will probably take on that role.