Golden Globes: Who Will Walk Away A Best Dramatic Actress Winner?

Frankie and Alice (2010) – Halle Berry

 Halle Berry: This actress is a household name, and there is no doubt as to her acting prowess. She won a place in history with her best actress Oscar win for her performance in Monster’s Ball. Her ability to give us roles that leave audiences spellbound has been proven time and again. Films like Jungle Fever, Losing Isaiah, and Things We Lost in the Fire are just a few of the movies she has to her credit. In Frankie and Alice, Berry portrays a woman with multiple personality disorder, struggling not to lose herself. This is a film inspired by a true story and Berry is being hailed as a virtuoso. It’s pretty heavy and disturbing subject matter, but it’s a role Halle Berry tackles with her requisite ease. Is there no role this most stunning and sought after leading lady can’t handle?

Rabbit Hole (2010) – Nicole Kidman

 Nicole Kidman: Here is another bona fide Oscar winner. Time and again it seems that this actress can do no wrong. She has thrilled and moved us with roles in movies such as Moulin Rouge, Cold Mountain, and To Die For. Elegant and sophisticated, she is no stranger to having her name bandied about in the awards arena. There is a certain ethereal quality Kidman gives to each and every performance, and both her beauty and talent can’t help but draw an audience in. Yet she is also capable of garnering performances that are pared down, poignant, and stark, which are blatantly apparent in roles like Margot At the Wedding, and her Oscar winning role as Virginia Woolfe in The Hours. Kidman is nominated for her role in Rabbit Hole. She plays a grieving mother and wife who goes down an unconventional path as she tries to redetermine her reality after the death of her son in a car accident.  Captivating on screen, her performance in Rabbit Hole is funny and endearing as well. Is it enough to captivate a Globe award this year?

Blue Valentine (2010) – Michelle Williams

 Michelle Williams: This Dawson’s Creek alumnus has come a long way since the iconic teen drama she starred in back in the day. Now, Williams is an actress you will find choosing roles that will seriously challenge any doubt you ever had in her as an actress. It is clearly evident by her choice of roles which direction Williams has decided to take her career. She has worked with some of today’s most talented actors, Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Jake Gyllenhaal, and of course, the late Heath Ledger. She has starred in a myriad of films from Deception, Shutter Island, and Wendy and Lucy. She also appeared in the critically acclaimed, award winning, and box office success Brokeback Mountain where she was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Alma, the fiancee of Heath Ledger’s character, Ennis. The characters she portrays demand her to be vulnerable, raw, visceral, and giving of herself in a way that holds no emotion back. Yet no matter the strength of her characters, there is always a certain tenderness that is ever present. With her dramatic role in Blue Valentine as Cindy, a woman in a marriage that to me seems doomed from the very start, Williams has been nominated for a Golden Globe. It seems that this beautiful young actress could one day surpass all her Dawson’s Creek cohorts.

Winter’s Bone (2010) – Jennifer Lawrence

 Jennifer Lawrence: This young actress is a relative newcomer who just may upset the darling cart and oust veterans of cinema from their pinnacles. You will be seeing her again in the upcoming The Beaver, and you may have seen her in Devil You Know. Nominated for her role as Ree, the teenage daughter of a man who is a fugitive criminal, Lawrence’s performance in Winter’s Bone will rock you. Her character is responsible for an invalid mother and two younger siblings, a huge responsibility for a teenager in the best of circumstances, which Ree and her family certainly are not. Her father is involved with making the drug crystal meth, and he has put up their home in the isolated hills of the Ozarks as bail bond collateral. Despite the danger that she faces, Lawrence’s character has no choice but to track her father down in hopes of saving her family home. This is some pretty harrowing stuff and a role that is quite a huge responsibility for a young actress to carry. However, Lawrence carries it off without a hitch, hence her Globe nomination.

Black Swan (2010) – Natalie Portman

 Natalie Portman: This actress needs no introduction. She is this year’s frontrunner for the Best Actress in a Drama Golden Globe, and she may just be the darling of awards season. If you haven’t seen Black Swan, I highly recommend you see it if for no other reason than to take in Portman’s stellar, complex, and poise perfect performance. Her role as Nina, a tormented ballerina, proved her commitment to her craft and her love of acting. Despite her diminutive size, she is a powerful performer, always convincing and always devoted to any character she portrays. Anywhere But Here, Closer (she won the 2004 Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for her part as Alice), Cold Mountain, and V for Vendetta are just a handful of movies Portman appears in. The list of her movies are diverse, yet each one has led her to this point in time; a time where she may join the annals of Golden Globe history.

Each of the Golden Globe nominees for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama category are undeniably talented. They all bring a plethora of gifts to the awards table. No matter who walks away a winner this year one thing is for certain: without actresses of this caliber, the movies we watch would be a lot less remarkable.  

For a full listing of nominees visit the official site of the Golden Globes. To see who wins, be sure to tune in on Sunday, on NBC, from 5:00-8:00 (PST)/8:00-11:00 (EST), or come back to TMP where we’ll be live-blogging the event.