Natalie Portman is prepared to toke it up

According to Pajiba her production Company, Handsome Charlie Films, are looking for a director for Best Buds, in which she will star, as well as produce.  Best Buds is about two girl friends who take a road trip to save a friend from her wedding by supplying her with weed.  The script comes from actress Jamie Denbo, who wrote and starred in a pilot for Showtime that failed to get picked up.  Not much of a claim to fame, but if this is a hit things could be looking up for her. 

Not very often in the stoner comedy world are women even featured let alone the stars.  This could either be ground breaking and start a trend toward equal stoner roles among sexes, or it could fail miserably and make all Women everywhere hate Natalie Portman for ruining their chances of starring in a stoner movie. 

Portman is currently filming Thor, which is currently set for a May 6th, 2011 release.  Portman also recently appeared in Hesher with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which premiered at Sundance recently and was well received.

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