Nathan Fillion fan does what we all wanted to do: confront David O. Russell

Honestly, it’s kind of awkward to watch.  You keep waiting for someone to take it too far.  Thankfully that doesn’t happen, but in the long run, I think O. Russell came off worse here.  Personally, I’m just so glad to see someone actually talk to Russell about it.  It’s a short clip, so we’ll talk more when you’re done watching it.



See what I mean?  If anything, Russell comes off mean and uncaring.  Not that I can fully blame him, I mean he did get ambushed at a screening of his own movie.  However, his responses makes one thing painfully clear: he’s obviously not paying attention to anything that’s been floating around the Internet.


This isn’t a good thing.  He’s already made statements that he’s drastically changing the source material (which no fan is happy about), so the fact that he hasn’t seen or heard anything about what the fans want in this movie is a good indicator that he doesn’t care.  He’s going to make whatever kind of movie he wants with it, regardless of what the millions of Uncharted fans are saying they want.  In some cases, as a director, I understand that mentality…but in instances of adaptations of incredibly popular stuff it’s a surefire way to piss off the people most likely to spend money on it.


I’m not saying I totally agree with the fan for confronting Russell, but I’m sure all of us have wanted to do the same thing.