Netflix Unveils the American Death Note Trailer

One of the biggest animes of all time, Death Note, is coming to Netflix in late August.  This won’t be one of the Japanese versions, but instead is an American adaptation of the Japanese anime.  Newly crowned Godzilla vs King Kong director, Adam Wingard shows why he’s the biggest up-and-coming director with this brand new trailer!

No matter how you feel about the casting choices or the liberties taken, you can’t deny that Ryuk looks amazing!  Sure, we don’t see him full-on but even his outline was enough to have me grin as wide as the Shinigami.  For those who haven’t read the manga or watched the anime, Ryuk gets bored in the Shinigami Realm and decides to send a Death Note (A book that kills the people who have their name written inside it) to the Human World to entertain him.

Death Note will release on Netflix August 25, 2017!

What do you think of this?  Is it something you’d watch or is it unnecessary?