New Alien Covenant Poster Brings Terror

I’m just going to direct your attention to the image below and would love to hear what you think of it because I’m sure about to tell you what I think of it.


So, this thing is horrific to view, H.R. Geiger would be proud of this I’m sure. The face huggers on the humans, the aliens writhing and screaming, what looks to be the Alien queen head in the background of it all. In the trailers we’ve seen, we know in Alien: Covenant they find an egg in a mysterious alien ship, much like the ones from Prometheus.  Today’s poster shows the where that egg came from and the unfortunate future the crew of the Covenant will be living.  Keep your eyes open, way open. Now excuse me I’m gonna go get in my blanket fort that will protect me from all Aliens and Predators. Alien Covenant will be in theaters May 19th 2017.

Jason The X 

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