New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Finally Shows Off The Lizard

I’m a big Spider-Man fan, I think we’ve made that clear in the past, so the fact that we’ve had to wait so long for another trailer has been painful for me.  Since we haven’t really seen much of anything from this film (aside from a handful of gorgeous looking stills) since Comic Con last Summer, this trailer is certainly a welcome sight. Especially since it features hefty doses of The Lizard, which we’ve only seen in toy form so far.

I’m most excited by how Peter is being portrayed in this trailer.  It’s really showing off his more sarcastic side, and how he likes to make jokes and comments when dealing with bad guys.  This is something he does all the time in the comics and one of the few things I felt was really missing in the first couple of Raimi films.  I’m glad to see that aspect of Parker make a return. 

I’m also really glad to finally see the Lizard.  I’m still not entirely sold on the look of him, but it’s much better than trying to discern his final appearance through a freaking toy.  With 5 months still to go, I’m hoping they can touch up his effects a little and make him a little less cartoony.  Overall though, I’m really impressed by the trailer and it’s given me quite a bit of hope for this movie.

So what did you guys think of the trailer?  Make you excited or less enthusiastic?  Be sure to let us know in the comments.