New Batman vs Superman Poster Asks The Question ‘Who Will Win?’

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This new poster is part of a new promo campaign that DC and Warner Bros. are trying to get trending on social media.  It’s an old trick that you’ve seen movie companies do for years.  For example, “Edward vs Jacob” from Twilight, “Freddy vs Jason” FvJ, “Alien vs Predator” AVP.

However this time, it’s unnecessary.  Especially, since they’ve already released a trailer revealing Doomsday to be the real bad guy.  So, we have an answer to their question.

Who will win?  Neither.  Maybe Both.  It’s just not going to be Batman OR Superman.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters March 25, 2016.

You can watch the trailer below.

What do you think of the new poster?