New Dark Knight Rises Set Photos Fuels Speculation

I think the thing to be excited about most, is that filming for this movie has finally started!  Currently, Nolan and Co. are in Jodhpur, India to film scenes for the next Batman flick and people have been snapping some pics.  Like I said, last week, the images were so blurry and far away, that you couldn’t really make out much, other than a green screen lying in a pit.

This started a flurry of commotion with fans claiming it had to be a Lazarus Pit, for which Ra’s al Ghul is infamous for.  Well, today, via Facebook a user named Mehul Gohil has posted several clear pictures from the set…and it’s only fueled the fire.  Let’s look at them real quick.

Lazarus Pit Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises Set

Dark Knight Rises Ra's al Ghul

So the first one (and the one above at the top of the article) are the ones generating all the buzz, with people claiming it’s a Lazarus Pit.  The middle picture is supposedly a ‘training area’ that will be used in the film, and this last picture looks to be a confirmation that Josh Pence is on the set for this bit of shooting.  For those who don’t remember Josh Pence is cast in the role of a young Ra’s al Ghul (previously played by Neeson).

I have to say that it does look like a Lazarus Pit could be making an appearance in the film.  However, that’d be such a drastic departure from Nolan’s realistic setting, that it’s hard to believe.  The truth is, it could be anything.  All they’ve done is lay out a green screen tarp in order to throw in some CGI in post-production.  Since Nolan is notorious for using CG sparingly, it must be for a good reason.

For all we know it could be a massive pit, or some have even said maybe the Batwing will show up and come from it.  There’s really no telling.  Personally, I don’t think Nolan would put something as fantastical as the Lazarus Pit (which can heal all wounds, reverse aging, and revive the dead) into his movie.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.