New Dark Knight Rises Set Pics Reveal the Rebuilt Wayne Manor

Personally, I’m always glad to see anything from the set of Dark Knight Rises.  Mostly, I like to assure myself that this movie is still being made and I’m not just dreaming it.  There have been a few minor set pics that have been released, but on the whole nothing to get overly excited about so I let them slide by on the news stream.  However, these new pics (from Batman-News) are a lot more entertaining for fans.

Dark Knight Rises Wayne Manor

There it is.  Wayne Manor.  It’s what many of us fans have been wanting to see for a while, since it was still under construction during the events of The Dark Knight.  While most are more interested in seeing what the new Batcave is going to look like on film, it’s still cool to see Wayne Manor will be back.  But it’s these other pictures that have fans talking:

The Dark Knight Rises Wayne Manor

The Dark Knight Rises Wayne Manor

And that’s the graveyard in front of Wayne Manor where Bruce Wayne’s parents are buried.  While they were seen in the background of the first film, Bruce never actually made that iconic walk where he visits their grave.  Batman fans know it’s a fairly iconic thing, where he frequently goes there to vent frustrations and even seek guidance from his deceased family.

Oddly, it’s been something that’s really missing with Nolan’s franchise, but I’m not convinced that’s a bad thing.  Personally, I felt the first franchise spent way too much time dealing with Batman’s past.  While his parents’ death was a big event and catalyst in his life, the earlier films made it almost dominate his adult life.  To the point where it really felt like he hadn’t moved forward.  It’s something I’ve enjoyed about Nolan’s films because he hasn’t gotten hung up on that.  But as with all things Nolan, I trust how he’ll use it in this film.

There’s a couple more photos so hit the link if you want to check them all out.