New Details for Captain Marvel Movie Revealed at SDCC

Ever since Marvel shocked the world by introducing Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, during last year’s SDCC, details on the film have been mum.  One year later and the team at Marvel is finally ready to share some juicy new plot details about the upcoming female superhero film.

The following are tidbits of details the Marvel execs shared during their Hall H panel at SDCC 2017:

  • Captain Marvel will not be set during the current MCU timeline.  Instead, it will take place in the 90’s.
  • True to the comics, the Skrull will be the main villains.
  • Nick Fury will have access to both eyes.

While fairly small, the details actually have a pretty big impact on comic book fans.  For instance, the Skrull have yet to be shown in a MCU film so finally introducing them is pretty big.  (The Skrull have had a hand in a LOT of invasions.)  Furthermore, having Captain Marvel’s origin story in the 90’s will possibly explain why we haven’t seen the Skrull for some time and why she hasn’t been around.  Finally, seeing how Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) lost one of his eyes will be a really interesting story, should Marvel reveal it.

In addition to these details, Marvel also showed off some pretty cool concept art.  It reveals their idea for Captain Marvel’s suit and the look of the Skrull. Both of which are pretty well done.

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We’ll leave you with that for now but keep an eye on Cinelinx for more SDCC coverage from the floor!