New details for the Syfy movie adaptation of ‘Red Faction’

I used to really love the Syfy made for TV movies (back when they were still Sci-Fi).  Lately, they’ve just been pushing out terrible films, that make even the worst ‘B’ movies look like Summer blockbusters.  So when the network announced they’d be handling the adaptation of a great videogame franchise, Red Faction, I began to grow worried.

Red Faction movie

Outside of the initial announcement not much information has slipped out about the project.  We know it’s set to release in March 2011 and it’s possibly a set up for a back-door pilot that could lead into a TV series (much like they did with Battlestar Galactica).  Well new details on the film have finally come out, but not from Syfy.  Instead we get this news from videogame developer THQ’s VP.  He says:

“This unique transmedia collaboration is one of many strategic initiatives in place to dramatically increase awareness for Red Faction: Armageddon and extend the Red Faction brand across a wide variety of entertainment channels.”

Andrew Kreisberg (Vampire Diaries and Boston Legal) has written the script for the project based off of an initial treatment from a THQ developer.  According to the press release, the movie will bridge the gap between Red Faction: Guerilla and the new Red Faction: Armaggedon.  While they haven’t explicityly stated that the movie will be part of the game’s continuity, it seems highly possible.

It’s Syfy, so they just might be able to match these graphics

I think having the film be a continuation of the story, instead of a re-telling, is a far better way of handling an adaptation, and one with the best chance of pleasing fans of the series.  This may mean good things could come from this film, but it’s still a Syfy movie, so there’s no telling.  Right now there’s still no official title for the film, but they’re going with Red Faction: Origins as a working title.