New Documentary Seeks to Defend the Star Wars Prequels

Personally speaking, I enjoy the Prequels and have written a number of articles defending the films from various aspects.  Objectively speaking, the films themselves do have issues, but these days it feels more popular to hate on the films, than actually give them a fair shake.  Surprisingly, I’m not the only one who feels that way, and the indie filmmakers at Ministry of Cinema (based out of Austin) are making a documentary, The Prequels Strike Back, to present another side to the story. 

The film is currently seeking funding on IndieGoGo and at the time of this writing are nearly 50% there.  They still need your help, however, and the more donations they have, the cooler things they can do with it.  Being that it’s crowdfunded, you of course, get some cool perks for your help in making it happen.  So if you’re interested and curious to see how the Star Wars Prequels can be portrayed in a better light, then head on over and help out some fellow fans.  

As a lover of all things Star Wars, I like seeing projects like these and hopeful that maybe it’ll open some eyes.