New Animated Dragon Ball Z Movie in the Works for 2015 release

Toriyama himself stated like in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, this movie will be a completely new storyline but will have the feel as though it was part of the original continuation.


He did not go into specific details regarding the actual story other then he himself will take the hands-on approach regarding the actual artwork, action scenes, character designs, and even dialogue.

Ironically, the announcement fall on the heels of the North American premiere of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods to be shown in a four-day event through Funimation in August.

You can check which theaters in your area will be showing the movie here.

The yet to be titled DBZ movie will premiere in Japan during Golden Week. For fans of anime who hear about this holiday all the time but have no clue what it is, think “Labor Day” extended for the whole week. It usually falls towards the end of April.