New Green Lantern concept art will excite and sadden you

I’m most intrigued by GL because it looks to be different than any other comic book movie.  Thor and Captain America aren’t really impressing me because they seem to all be going the same route as most other comic book films.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing (the formula is working and entertaining), but I’m getting tired of it.  I’m ready for something new.


With GL being essentially just a Sci-Fi action story, we have a good opportunity to once again shake up the comic book movie formula.  Today, I’ll share a couple images with you.  The story of Green Lantern is epic and when I say epic I mean on a massive scale.  It deals not with just Earth and our problems here, but with the entire universe.  While I just have two pictures for you today, they give an idea of the scope of this film.  I can already see these things on the big screen!


Green Lantern Oa


This first bit of concept art shows us Oa, the headquarters for the entire Green Lanterns corps.  It’s a large piece and one that looks unique in design.  While it differs quite a bit from the comics, overall I think it still works.  Once again the scale here is what sets it apart.


Green Lantern graveyard


This was the one that had me most interested.  It’s showing what appears to be a Green Lantern graveyard.  The monuments are massive, and the oppressive feeling you get is almost palpable.  I absolutely love it, and wonder how what role it will have the film.