New ‘Harry Potter’ behind the scenes feature shows epic battles

If the trailer didn’t give you goosebumps then you might want to check your pulse.  The final Harry Potter movies look to be taking the series to a new level.  The tone is darker, and the action appears to be stepped up to a great degree.

It’s fitting, the final story basically shows Harry and the rest of the wizarding world at war.  The trailer hinted at large scale battles but this ABC feature shows just how massive these battles will be.  Granted the footage in the clip doesn’t have any special effects in them.  They’re just the rough shots, but even so you see large armies on either side rushing towards each other. 

The quality isn’t the best (obviously) but this video really helps to show the scale these last two films are on.  Anyone still under the impression that these are kids movies, will be in for a big surprise.