New Images for Alpha 5 and Rita Repulsa from the Power Rangers Movie

So the other day we got an image for Elizabeth Banks full on Rita with the staff. Now we’ve seen other pictures so I was underwhelmed or not over or under just kinda whelmed. That’s right, I watch Young Justice. But let’s take a look at that image and we’ll come back to the topic.


Now on to other things as a true reveal we finally see Alpha 5 in full robotic glory. It looks as though he’s staying true to the overall look of the alien technology but easily you look at this and know that’s Alpha 5. Bill Hader’s voice coming out of that thing guys, imagine that.


After a bit of a lackluster reveal of the Zords in toy from that I have reserved judgement till I see them on screen I like this. It is very different from the source material but let’s remember the source material looks like this.


We good folks? Anyway back to that Elizabeth Banks thing. Now look we can all see that this green armor she’s wearing is definitely similar to the ranger’s armor. Also we can clearly see the focus on something in her staff that looks like a green power coin. While I hate that we’ve been able to piece this much of the story together the execution is going to be very important. Also what is Rita’s relationship with this power coin and maybe Zordon. Was she a former Ranger? This is going to be real important how they twist this to make it an engaging story. I’m not saying the formula for Power Ranger/Super Sentai is all that complex. Teenagers, get powers, learn to use them, fight bad guys, pilot giant robots. But still execution of all those elements is what makes each series unique. This is why I’m hopeful  and still excited to see this movie on screen. Power Rangers debuts March 24th, 2017.

-Jason The X

I’m still all in for this movie. But I’m trusting till I get burned. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JasonTheX