New Images From Suicide Squad Revealed

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice growing ever nearer to its March release date, it’s getting about that time for Warner Bros. to start marketing their OTHER DC film coming out next year, Suicide Squad.  While SDCC brought us our first look with a trailer (even though their hand was forced by the leaks), things have been relatively quiet about the movie since filming wrapped up the other month.  

Empire is changing all that, by featuring the film front and center in the next issue of their magazine.  While not all the images have been officially revealed, we have scans thanks to CBM.  Let’s start with the covers, which have been officially released in good quality: 

Jared Leto Empire Clean

Jared Leto Empire HD

Enchantress Empire

So not only does Joker get a pair of covers, showing off his new look, but Cara Devinge gets the spotlight as well, giving us our best look yet at her Enchantress costume.  While we saw it in the big cast photo that kicked off production, she was hidden and surrounded by everyone else, obscuring the look.  It’s on full display here, and I’m kind of surprised by it.  It’s a stark departure from her appearance in the comics, but definitely has that deranged/out of control vibe going for it.  If anything, this look at Enchantress screams “dangerous”.  

The other images give us new looks at the film overall: 

{gallery}Suicide Squad{/gallery}

I LOVE the Harleen and Joker image.  Fans of the comics no how iconic this meeting between them is.  Before she became a baddie, Harleen was a psychiatrist working with The Joker, who ultimately warped her mind into the villainous Harley Quinn.  So obviously this is from a scene that takes place BEFORE all of the main Suicide Squad story action.  While I don’t expect this to be a big scene in the movie, it’s exciting to see nonetheless.  

The others are fairly basic, giving us slightly new looks at the characters we’ve seen before.  Hopefully, as the film is neck-deep in post-production now, and the marketing seems to be starting up, we’ll get a new trailer before the year is out.  

What do you guys think of these new images?  Tell us your thoughts/hopes for Suicide Squad in the comments below!

The film is set to hit theaters on August 5, 2016.