New Man of Steel Set Pics Confirm No Superman ‘Panties’

All right, not really commando, but he is finally ditching the red underwear.  I can’t honestly say I’m sad to see it go either.  While the look is classic and worked just fine for the original films, in this day and age of ‘modern’ superheroes, it just doesn’t fit anymore.  I guess Snyder thought the same thing.  Just check out these pics.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Sure they’re blurry and fuzzy (as any appropriate set picture is!) but it’s plain to see that Superman is underpants free!  What’s really sad is the amount of people online who were actively debating whether or not he had the red underpants after the first official image released.  Well, I guess we can finally put that debate down.

As an added bonus for you guys, we’ve also got the first look at Faora (General Zod’s partner in crime, and the female villain) in her costume for the film:

Faora Man of Steel

Personally, I like it.  It’s evocative of the plain black attire Zod and his gang had in Superman II, but also very distinct and different.  I just wonder what the mo-cap guy following her is going to be…?  Anyway, as filming continues I’m sure we’ll get even more glimpses of info from the Man of Steel Facebook Page, from which these pictures are flowing.