New Official Amazing Spider-Man 2 Images Fully Reveal Electro!

Amazing Spider-Man 2, in honor of Comic-Con, is gracing the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly and features several new images for the upcoming film.  Fortunately Sony has gone ahead and released those images for your viewing pleasure!

IMG 0223

IMG 0224

IMG 0225

IMG 0226

IMG 0228

So Electro is looking pretty damn badass (and very evocative of his Ultimate Spider-Man appearance).  The curious thing, though, is that chip apparently embedded in the side of his head. Is it linked to his powers, his origin, or something else entirely?  Guess we’ll have to wait and find out, but on the whole, I’m digging his look. 

Now let’s just wait and hope we’ll get a nice SDCC trailer in the next couple days.  What do you think of the official Electro look?