New ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ trailer will scare you and finally answer some questions

Personally, I’m really looking forward to this film.  The first film was designed around the idea of something terrible happening, and the mere tension alone was enough to terrify people.  Let’s face it, nothing really scary actually happened until the end.  Hopefully they can garner the same feeling with this film as they did the last time.

Paranormal Activity 2

As for the plot, we finally get some details that explain quite a bit.  The trailer starts off like the others with the shot of demon Katie lunging for the camera.  But then it goes into a day time shot that feels drastically different.  It’s not a normal security camera styled shot, but it does reveal one big plot point: the new haunted house actually appears to be the one from the first film that Katie and Micah occupied.


It seems to make sense as it appears from earlier videos that the demon-possessed Katie is the one haunting the place.  It would provide a great connection to the first film without having to feel incredibly cheesy or cliche.  I like it.  Well, this new family is living there and before too long crazy paranormal things begin to happen.

The creepiness factor in this film seems to be knocked up a notch.  And I have to tell you the scene with the baby standing up in the crib is absolutely going to be keeping me up tonight.  The marketing seems dead on with this film and I’m just glad it will be opening everywhere (instead of requesting it like before) Oct. 22nd.