New Poster and Release Date for ‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie Revealed; Trailer Releasing in 2021

Nearly a month ago to the day, Mortal Kombat producer Todd Garner announced that the film reboot would be indefinitely delayed until theaters re-opened. Well, theaters haven’t re-opened, but that didn’t stop Warner Bros. from solidifying a release date, despite Garner’s initial claim.

Garner took to twitter to reveal the brand new April release date for Mortal Kombat within the movie’s official poster.

The poster itself is classic Mortal Kombat. There really isn’t much more to add to it, nor really should there be. As for the April release date, it’s a strategically sound spot to put in a highly-anticipated film like Mortal Kombat. April 2nd is when 007 No Time to Die releases then there isn’t much competition until April 23rd when A Quiet Place Part II releases.

Producer Todd Garner initially made the claim that the film was indefinitely delayed well before Warner Bros. announced their new plan to release all 2021 movies on HBO Max.  WB’s HBO Max plan has taken the entire industry aback with many notable names, like director Christopher Nolan, objecting to WB’s approach. No doubt the April release date was confirmed because of the simultaneous HBO Max release.

Nevertheless, Mortal Kombat will now officially release on April 16, 2021. Stay tuned for a trailer in 2021.