New Poster for Transformers: The Last Knight

So I’ve been critical of Transformers movies because I’m a fan and I just want the best for them. Like a father that sees his child doing something he hopes they’ll grow out of. Like Nickelback. Didn’t they do a song for a Transformers movie? I’m getting off topic. So here’s the poster and then let’s take a deeper dive.

Small TF5 Online 1 Sheet Teaser copyW6UG 2

“Rethink your heroes.” Okay here goes. I think there’s potential in this. Look I’m sure that thing in the background is Unicron and Optimus is his herald hence the purple eyes. Look Unicron being introduced was a huge event in the Transformers lore. It changed the game for us every time that a bot got bigger. Whether it was a combiner or a city that suddenly changed and you went “Holy Balls” and then your Grandmother smacked you in the head for saying that.

But the choose your heroes line well look if any of you old school fans out there remember there was an episode of Transformers where Optimus said the same thing before it was revealed that he wasn’t in control and began to attack his fellow Autobots. I was floored when that happened. My hero was suddenly a bad guy. Now my concern is all in the execution. I’m truly afraid that Unicron is going to end up being represented like Galactus in that bad Fantastic Four movie. No not that bad one, the kinda bad one. But it remains to be seen. As our Editor In Chief says they do great trailers the movies, not so much.  We just have to wait till Transformers The Last Knight debuts in theaters June 23, 2017. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Peter Cullen, and Sir Anthony Hopkins 

-Jason The X

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