New Posters for Upcoming Film Exodus: Gods and Kings

Yes, you heard me right.  Ridley Scott is going back to his roots as a church goer and is directing the story of Moses, the adopted son of the current Pharaoh, and his fight to free the Israelite nation from slavery.

As a Christian I am always looking for a good Biblically based movie but find them always falling short due to artisit licensing so I am really praying that he does the Christian, and Jewish world a solid and stick to exactly what transpired so many years ago.

Yahoo! got an exclusive look at the new movie posters depicting Moses, played by Christian Bale, and Pharaoh Ramses, played by an unrecognizable Joel Edgerton, in a grayscale, accenting their bronze attire.  Personaly I kinda like the look, sorry Jordan.


Photo credits: 20th Century Fox

The movie also stars Sigourney Weaver, Aaron Paul, and John Turturro.

Exodus: Gods and Kings opens December 12, 2014.