New Producer Brian Grazer Recruits Billy Crystal To Host 2012 Academy Awards

So the Academy wasted no time in replacing the Ratner/Murphy duo.  Which was probably a good move on their part; with the show set to air in about three months and production forced to go back to square one, they HAD no time to waste.  They had to find a replacement, and fast.  So within two days of Ratner resigning and only after one night of Murphy quitting, the Academy has brought on Brett Ratner’s fellow Tower Heist producer Brian Grazer to helm the awards.  And he has brought in an Oscar favorite to host the festivities; Mr. Billy Crystal.

“[I] Am doing the Oscars so the young woman in the pharmacy will stop asking my name when I pick up my prescriptions. Looking forward to the show.” And with that, Billy Crystal was announced as host of the 84th Annual Academy Awards.  If you couldn’t tell, that was his official Twitter feed.  Well some speculated that Crystal might of just been joking, both Variety and the LA Times have since confirmed the news.  The Academy has yet to reveal an official statement but, as quick to the ball as they’ve been in the past two days, I would expect one rather soon.


I for one thing this is great news.  I find it so strange that the Internet has taken Billy Crystal being hired as a bad thing.  Just years ago, people were clamoring for his return and now that he has, they seem to think he’s not a good choice.  I honestly think he’s a great choice.  I think the internet is just upset that the more “out there” and hard to pull off choice of the Muppets was declined.  Hey, I wanted Louis CK, but that didn’t happen!  Well I would have found Murphy to be more interesting, Crystal has proven himself capable time and time again of hosting the Oscars.  And like I’ve said before;  anything’s better than Franco and Hathaway!