New Rogue One Trailer to Debut Thursday

Yesterday, during the many events of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Star Wars and NBC confirmed that a new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer will finally arrive on Thursday 8/11, between Olympic events.  As of now, they have a lot of the swimming events set to take place that night.  One could assume that they would place it somewhere in the 6p-8p time frame.

One could also assume that this is the same trailer that fans at Star Wars Celebration got to see.  The same one we’ve been waiting to see since that time.  It now makes sense why they couldn’t show it to the rest of the world.  The deal with the IOC likely held them from releasing it that day.

Nevertheless, we will finally get to see it three long, slow days from now!  If you don’t plan on watching the Olympics on Thursday night, you can rest assured in knowing that we will have it, for your viewing pleasure, as soon as it’s released!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be in theaters December 16, 2016!