Exclusive: New Set Pic from Star Wars: Episode VII Goes Back to the Desert

Filming should be starting up again shortly for Star Wars: Episode VII, which has currently been on a planned hiatus from filming, and more information is expected to be released this week (wink, wink), but in the meantime, we’ve got a pic from the set for you to gander at (which we received courtesy of a fellow Star Wars fan Jason, who runs his own fan site):

Pinewood Set Pic

Filming on Episode VII started in the desert, but filming on location there only lasted for a couple weeks, so many assumed the screentime for desert scenes would be fairly limited.  Now it looks like this isn’t the case as this has been set up outside of the Pinewood Studios lot.  We’re not entirely sure of the time frame in this picture.  It could be a month old, but our sources made it sound far more recent than that.  

They also seem to match up with a previous set picture that StarWars7News posted a while ago, albeit from a grounded point of view.  Sure looks like something from Tatooine to me, very reminiscent even of the Tusken Raider camps we saw in Attack of the Clones before Annakin went ape-shit on them.