New Suicide Squad Trailer Continues to Bring the Goods

Pretty much everything we’ve seen from Suicide Squad so far has made it look amazing.  Seriously, each trailer gets better and better, with tonight’s new one being no different.  It landed during the MTV Movie Awards, and definitely gives us our best look at the film and it’s characters so far.  


While Superman gets a name drop in the trailer, and Batman is in it significantly more than I expected (certainly a result of Batman v. Superman already being released), the new characters rightfully hold their own.  While the plot still hasn’t been fully explained, I feel entirely sold on this purely on the characters and their interactions.  This team feels like a group I want to see interact.  I love seeing them go back and forth with one another, expecially knowing they can’t be trusted.  

It’s a unique character dynamic, and I think the marketing is right to be showing that off most.  Regardless of the central story, this movie will live or die by how well it sells audiences on these characters.  So far…I’m completely hooked.  I’m loving it a great deal and can’t wait for August to see it all.  What about you guys? 


Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016.