New Tekken Trailer Hits the Web with an Iron Fist!

With a flowing storyline full of twists and turns at every angle, a cavalcade of deeply written characters, and some of the best martial arts representation in any fighting game, it was only a matter of time before the Iron Fist competitors found themselves on the big screen.

Set in the distant year of 2039, war has ravaged much of the planet.  Corporations have moved in where governments once stood.  Brutal, physical combat is the primary form of entertainment and source of income for many.  For some, though it’s about the glory.  It’s about becoming a legend amongst men.  For the champions, the grand ball is the Tekken company sponsored Iron Fist Tournament, where the greatest fighters throughout the world come to compete, bringing everything they can muster (skills, magic, weapons, etc.) to become the undisputed champion of the world and a lifetime’s worth of fame and wealth.

This is no standard MMA fight though.  Here, anything goes and nothing is held back.  Promising to deliver more insane, powerhouse martial arts action, top notch special effects, Tekken may just succeed where New Line’s Mortal Kombat failed.

John Foo as Jin Kazama (red gloves)

Following the story of the young Jin Kazama, a renowned street fighter, we are thrust into the brutal world of the tournament fighter.  Jin seeks revenge, nothing more, for the death of his mother, whom he blames on Tekken controlling chariman, Heihachi Mishima.  With only the tournament’s competitors standing between him and his target, Jin must defeat the best in the world if he is to bring justice to his family.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi Mishima

With such a strong trailer there is no doubt that the fan base alone for the franchise (which has been going strong since the first game debuted on the first Sony Playstation) will make this film a success.  And with such staples to the martial-arts film genre as Tagawa, Luke Goss, Chun Le, and Lateef Crowder bringing their respective talents to the table, I have a sneaking suspicion Tekken will be the new head honcho in the game-adaptation market.

No firm release date has been set as of yet other than late 2010, but we all eagerly anticipate the finished product.