New Tenet Trailer Premieres in Fortnite

Warner Bros. Pictures has just released a brand new trailer for the latest Christopher Nolan thriller, Tenet. However, it wasn’t simply uploaded to YouTube and Twitter with Press Release attached. Rather, WB opted for the ever-evolving platform that is Fortnite.

(photo courtesy of Curió Cansado Studios)

Fortnite has become a major hub for events such as concerts and now trailer releases, as of late. Epic Games has made it their mission to make Fortnite more than just a game, but an all-in-one entertainment. Today’s Tenet trailer release furthers that mission.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic delaying loads of movie releases, WB has stayed firm on the July 17, 2020 release date. Even the trailer emphatically states that the movie will be in theaters. With movie theaters opening up, with low audience regulations, Tenet may just be the barometer for how any future big-budget film releases are handled and how box office results are effected during the global pandemic.

Tenet releases in theaters on July 17, 2020.