New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film Swaps Directors One Week Into Production


Just a week after filming began, the directors behind Legendary’s new Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel have been replaced and will start over.

Well this isn’t exactly the most common of news. Deadline is reporting that directors Andy and Ryan Tohill have dropped out of the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film…A film that has been in production for the past week. Creative differences seems to be the reason, as Legendary wasn’t thrilled with how that first week went.

They’re wasting no time, however, and have already brought in David Blue Garcia to take over. Apparently he’ll begin filming from scratch, re-doing all the stuff previously shot. It’s definitely a sudden change, though as we’ve seen with other films (like Solo) swapping out directors even mid-production isn’t exactly unprecedented.

The new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film will serve as sort of reboot, working as a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper’s original film. No word on when it’ll be released, but with just a week of work lost, I don’t imagine it’ll drastically alter any time frames.